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The Six Fix: Jericho Rosales Just Got Cooler By Mixing Surfing And Motorbiking Together!

The Six Fix: Jericho Rosales Just Got Cooler By Mixing Surfing And Motorbiking Together!

Jericho Rosales is often here or there, in the grandest most geographical sense. Telling people that the OG prince of PSY likes motorbike riding and surfing in an outdoors-y coastal life would be an understatement. He's in love with Planet Earth as a playground, but perhaps not nearly as much as he loves Kim Jones, the woman he married, who's often in the water or under the sky as well.

a good woman with a good man to stand on...

Their perpetually sunkissed complexions and insatiable urge to explore motivate many. It seems Echo's practically under the sky with the wind in his face every week it's possible or planning his next surf or road trip as soon as the work week begins. He's been spotted countless times hitting up La Union with Kim and surf buddies and his more recent favorite and less of an NCR stone's throw, the new and sultry surf destination, Siargao. We've picked up on his sweet pairing of board and bike, his now constant coastal companions and couldn't help but somewhat dissect how he plays at his two passions.

1. When wearing basics sport a sexy bike with a luxe label. Spotted en route to Orlando, Florida with this matte black BMW beauty, Echo reminds us that geeky glasses, especially if needed for real on the road, shouldn't be left out of a grand adventure.


Off to Orlando,Florida for a beauty contest. Meet candidate number 1 ??

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2. He's shown that the off-road bike looks pretty sexy beside the sea. We city-dwellers often associate motorbikes with ugly urban roads, people who mean us harm in traffic, and as the form of transpo you'd rather not ride in bad weather. But beside the ocean with board in tow, Jericho's made motorbiking look somewhat heroic again. We're getting Dark Knight vibes from this shot. 

3. To Jericho it appears as if bikes and boards are like a good marriage. While one takes you from inland to the coast, the latter takes you from the coast to white capped ocean. These beauties belong together, he's dubbed them his "life essentials."

4. The motorbiking surfer can dress down accordingly, in a rare coastal case it's certainly the way to go. Who needs leather when you've got surf weather? You're the "King" of the road even in sando swag...but still, the helmet, always. Bobble-heads win with horsepower between their legs. The whole point is to make it to the coastline in one piece so you can surf, not necessarily with tons of gear on you every time.


First things first #Siargao ?? ?? @rocket

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5. Getting his lady to love his newer passion of motorbiking didn't seem like too much trouble at all. We knew Echo and Kim first and foremost as a surfing couple, but it's so nice to see when a spouse embraces your newer (and way more expensive) passions as well, and ahem...looks stunning while she's on for the ride.


Glad I put a ring on it ??

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Happy birthday, my getaway girl ??

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6.  Motorbiking isn't just a trend hobby for Jericho, it's a reminder of his Dad. Apparently Echo's father also loved to ride and several months back when he passed away, Echo posted this picture.  His message touched the hearts of many.

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