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Hot Stuff: Cute Outfit Ideas From Our Fave K-Drama Heroines

Hot Stuff: Cute Outfit Ideas From Our Fave K-Drama Heroines



Aside from their wonderful personalities and fearless attitude that win audience's hearts, what makes the leads in our favorite Korean dramas stand out is their exceptional sense of style. They make us swoon not only with their adorable kilig moments onscreen, but also with their oh-so-pretty outfits! Here, we've rounded up some of the cutest #OOTDs from our favorite K-Drama heroines that we think are definitely on-point!


1. Dr. Kang Mo-Yeon from Descendants of the Sun 

Dr. Kang Mo-Yeon has got to be the most fashionable surgeon you will ever meet, and nothing can stop her from being the stylish gal that she is—even after she was relocated to a dusty war zone. She has mastered the art of balancing feminine yet sophisticated pieces, evident in this lovely pink and white ensemble she's wearing.



2. Kim Sun (a.k.a. Sunny) from Goblin 

There are a lot of things to love about the show Goblin. Aside from its unique plot and exceptional cast, the way its characters are always dressed so fashionably would certainly leave you in awe—just like how our beloved dokkaebi's sister Sunny who oozes style in each episode. 



3. Shim Cheong from The Legend of the Blue Sea

This gal's outfits are just as fantastic as her character—and everyone would definitely agree that Jun Ji Hyun is the ultimate style icon. Being a fish out of water (literally and metaphorically) should've made her look odd, but, in Shim Cheong's case, her way of dressing (along with her disheveled hair and carefree attitude) even made her an accidental fashionista. 



4. Kim Bok Ju from Weightlifting Fairy

If you have a thing for soft, pastel colors, you would certainly dig Kim Bok Ju's outifts! Being the athlete that she is, she prefers comfort and practicality over style. Although she may not seem like the typical fashionista, her wardrobe is the ultimate pastel wonderland girly girls will fall head over heels with!



5.  Oh Yeon Joo from W

Oh Yeon Joo is known for her simple yet elegant printed dresses just like this one. Her wardrobe consists of lady-like pieces with basic colors and modest cuts, perfect for your work #OOTD—especially for conservative gals who don't want to compromise style. 



Do you agree with our choices for K-Drama's most stylish? Oh, the things we'd do to be able to wear these pretty outfits! Who among these Korean babes is your style icon? Let us know in the comments! 


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Photographs from Couch + Kimchi (Dr. Kang Mo Yeon), KStar Glamour (Kim Sun), Amino Apps (Kim Bok Ju), and KPopstuff (Oh Yeon Joo).




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