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Dining Delight: The Mojito Is Cool Again!

Dining Delight: The Mojito Is Cool Again!

Last chance to enjoy the 3-hour mojito promo at the Hyatt Lounge today

There's no better way to start an evening than with a glass--or several glasses--of mojito. This most perfect of cocktails is zen in a glass: light, refreshing and not too boozy. It's made  with just five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint leaves. Purists will insist on the clear taste of rum blanco and, instead of the usual mint, yerba buena, an aromatic variety native to Cuba which is a little more delicate and citrusy. Ideally, the flavors should combine in perfect balance so that no one note will overpower. The result is one delightful libation, a thirst-quenching wet note that splashes down your throat. You can never really get enough of it.

If you've never had a really good mojito, chances are you've been the victim of anti-mojito prejudice. Mixologists just hated making mojitos, and you couldn't blame them. Notoriously messy and labor-intensive, mojitos became so popular that soon bartenders were bored making them. So they began coming up with excuses: we ran out of mint, they'd say. Some dishonorable barkeeps even began sabotaging the drink, serving substandard mojitos guaranteed to turn people off its taste. If you've ever tried one of those, you'd certainly never order the drink again. 

Which is a shame, because this cocktail is the quintessential summer drink. It's sophisticated yet friendly, an elegant cool-down on warm tropical evenings. It satisfies even in the humid days between summer and the rains.

Since a good mojito can be hard to find, we absolutely love the 3-hour mojito promo at The Lounge at the Hyatt City of Dreams where you can have all the mojitos you can drink in four flavors--classic, melon, mango and pineapple. Rum, of course, is an easy spirit to pair with any fruit, so these concoctions work very well. 

And if you can't make it to the promo, the mojitos will still be on the bar menu. Don't forget to try one on your next visit.

The 3-hour mojito promo is available until August 31 at The Lounge, Hyatt City of Dreams Manila.

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