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The Six Fix: #FangirlProblems Only Real Fangirls Will Understand

The Six Fix: #FangirlProblems Only Real Fangirls Will Understand



If fangirling was a profession, you're surely making bank right now. You'll watch your favorite artist's gigs a hundred times if you can, and you're always ready to cancel plans to be at your beloved's fan meet no matter what. If you're the ultimate fangirl in your barkada, you'll surely find yourself relating to these problems!


1. You always end up broke. Since it's VIP or bust for you, you always end up paying triple (or even quadruple) the price at concerts and events. Because if you're going to see your fave artist, why would you settle for a seat in the back, right? Not to mention, you just can't resist buying all the good merch and essentially anything that have your fave artist/group's faces. Sigh. 


2. You start to lose friends (or even your boyfriend) due to the excessive amount of fan meets and concerts you go to. Not even a girls' night out with friends or an out of town trip with your special someone will stop you from going to your fave artist's fan meet or concert! A chance to meet your beloved is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you wouldn't let anything or anyone get in your way. 


3. You go full Sparta when someone bashes your favorite group/artist. You get triggered when someone dares to question your idols' talent, and you know you'll willingly go to war against anyone who will belittle them. 


4. You've kept even the most random things they've touched. That shirt you wore when you hugged Ariana Grande or that water bottle your favorite K-Pop stars threw from the stage is a souvenir that must be kept for life—anyone who'll touch or throw it away would be a dead man.


5. Attending concerts often result in arguments with your parents. Your parents' love for you is constantly put to the test with every carpool to gigs as they battle against the stadium traffic. These moments, however, keep you in awe of the love and devotion they have for you and your fangirling. (Thank you, mom and dad!) Speaking of the things your parents do out of love, they've probably experienced lining up for you during that ticket sale you couldn't go to because you have classes, right?


6. Distance means nothing. You willingly risk missing school days or leaving work, shelling out a huge amount of cash, and traveling hundreds (or even thousands) of miles away for an international fan meet if it's the only way you'll get to meet your beloved in the flesh. 


Were you able to relate to this list? If you do, then don't worry—you're definitely not alone. As long as you don't neglect your important relationships and responsiblities while you obsess over your favorite artist, then you're good to go! Here's to more concerts and fan meets! 


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Banner photograph by Max Bender via Unsplash.






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