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In Focus: LizQuen Shares Their Holiday Travel Plans With Us!

In Focus: LizQuen Shares Their Holiday Travel Plans With Us!



As much as we love them on screen, it's safe to say that star couple Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil are even more swoon-worthy in real life! During their launch as the newest faces of Closeup #CloserThanEver last Tuesday, August 22, we got to chat with them about how they've gotten closer throughout the years.  As expected, we were served with the best kilig moments just by witnessing them finish each other's sentences!

When asked what their favorite ways of spending time together are, Liza and Quen answered "watching movies" right at the same time. Quen adds, "We just drive around and eat. We love to eat so much. When we're in the car, I'll usually ask, 'What are we going to do? Do you want to eat? Yeah, let's eat na lang.' Ganu'n lang all the time. Then we watch movies kapag may time or also do sports. We just like to hang and chill. We're super chill people."


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Quen also mentions that traveling is something that they've done a lot together. Recently, the pair went to Japan and, naturally, we had to ask what their favorite part of their mini-vacation was. Liza shares, "The rides! We went to Universal Studios, so that was the most fun part for us. Also, the shopping and the eating!"

Aside from Japan, they also count New York as one of the most memorable destinations they've visited together.

Out of all the places they've been to, however, these two proved to us that traveling is not about where you are, but who you're with. They are each other's favorite travel buddy, for sure! Quen mentions, "Wherever we go, we always want to do the most adventurous stuff there. For us, the best trip is yet to come."


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Of course, we didn't let them off the hook just yet! The sweet pair indulged us with more tidbits about their future travel plans. Quen reveals, "We're going to Maui, Hawaii for work. Usually, when I go to really nice places, hindi pa kami nagkakasama so that's exciting." He adds, "This December, we're meeting my sister in London, and then we're going to take Liza to Paris because she's never been there yet. And then [we're going to] to Spain to see my grandma, my family. First time niya doon, except sa London, so we're going to take her out there. It's going to be super fun."

When it comes to their bucket list, Liza and Quen dream of taking a trip to Maldives or the Bahamas sometime in the future. Liza also adds in her checklist, "South America, because I love my Mexican food!"

Clearly, we are 100% convinced that these two are the real deal. Whether their cozying up with movies and popcorn or flying to picturesque destinations, we just love how they always seem super happy in each other's company. Cue the heart-eyed emojis!


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Are you a LizQuen fan? How do you feel about Quen bringing Liza to see his family in Spain? Share your kilig in the comments below!


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