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In Focus: What It's Like To Be The Only One Who Doesn't Watch Game Of Thrones

In Focus: What It's Like To Be The Only One Who Doesn't Watch Game Of Thrones



Apparently, winter is here. But for those who don't watch the Game of Thrones, it's just a normal bilsteringly hot day in Manila. When the rest of the world is bracing itself for another new episode every Monday morning, it's a struggle chatting with someone without the series being brought up in conversation. Being a  part of the minor population that doesn't watch GoT may induce some major FOMO from time to time, but you know you just can't bring yourself to like it even for the sake of conformity because it's just not your thing. 

Aside from not being able to relate to people (a.k.a. the rest of the world) who are avid fans of the series, here are some of the things that every non-GoT fanatic has had since 2011:


We find it astonishing how people are appalled that we don't watch the series.  "What do you mean you don't watch Game of Thrones?" people ask us, giving us that weird look as if they've lost any tinge of respect they used to have for our opinion on just about anything. Sometimes, we can only shrug when others seem to judge us based on a single TV show!


We're tired of hearing people asking us to "catch up and watch." After they ask us if we've seen last night's episode and we tell them that we don't actually watch it, it's just the automatic response. While we understand that you're obsessed with the series, there are still people who just don't feel the same, you know. 


We brace ourselves for the outpour of GoT posts on social media after every new episode. Our Twitter timeline will be flooded with GoT hashtags and tweets while our Facebook and Instagram feed will be filled with memes that we won't understand. Then, just when we thought the Thrones explosion on social media is over, our feed will get bombarded with the episode's aftermath, which basically lasts until the middle of the week. And then the cycle goes on.


We almost don't want to talk to anyone after a new episode is aired (unless we want to talk to ourselves). Because, again, all our friends, classmates, or colleagues are going to talk about is how "epic" the new episode was or how tragic the death of a certain character was. When we try to engage in the conversation, we have to either pretend that we know what others are talking about or risk receiving death stares from people. Uhm, sorry?


Halloween becomes more difficult. We have to admit that coming up with costume ideas for Halloween parties would definitely become much easier if we watch the series. Because, apparently, the show seems to have enough costume-worthy characters in just one episode alone.


When others talk about Houses, something else comes to our minds. Because the houses we only know about are Gryffindor, Hupplepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. #SorryNotSorry


We have to go through a loner phase. Lastly, when all our friends are GoT fans, they usually end up talking to each other about the latest episode, leaving us with no one but ourselves to talk to. Our conversations with them almost always feel like something like this whenever someone brings up GoT—and we'd very much like to be excluded from this narrative. 


Are you also a part of the non-GoT fan minority group? If you are, then don't worry—your awesomeness isn't defined by any show and not watching this series won't make you any less awesome than you already are! What's your funniest non-GoT fan story?


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