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In Focus: 6 Relationship Mistakes That Girls Make

In Focus: 6 Relationship Mistakes That Girls Make



It's a given fact that women's emotions can be quite the roller coaster. Hence, we are often tagged "complicated" by the opposite gender. Since the intensity of our ~feels~ are often tied to our perceptions and way of thinking, we often do things driven by our emotions, but turn out to be not-so-ideal when we come to really think about it afterwards. Not to say that men don't have their fair share of complications and shortcomings when it comes to relationships, but here are some mistakes we women make that may be causing the unecessary drama in our lives! Raise your hand if you can relate!


1. Not exerting extra effort to understand men. Most of the time, men are just like girls—they simply want to feel valued and appreciated. Women who have the ability to understand, respect, and appreciate the goodness men can offer have the key to unlock the best chambers of their hearts. You'll be amazed to see the amount of love guys can give when they're treated right!


2. Relying too much on your masculine energy.  There's a reason why men were created physically stronger than women. Yes, it is the 21st century and we can definitely do more without men, but when you refuse to let guys simply open the door for you, treat you to dinner, drive you home, or carry some of your heavy stuff just because you think it's gonna make you less empowered, a man will look at you and eventually see no role for himself. 


3. Trying to change your partner and not accepting him for who he really is. Men are not like one of your school or work projects that need to be "fixed." If there's someone who needs to fix him, it should be no other than himself. Your task as his partner is not to criticize and change him for his flaws, but to embrace him wholeheartedly in spite of it—and, hopefully, that way, he'll be encouraged to be a better man. 


4. Failing to appreciate the little things he does for you.  Sometimes, women can get too absorbed with what's "lacking" in their partner or comparing their love life to rom-coms and fairytales that they fail to notice they're also actually failing as a partner. By not putting enough value in the little things that guys do for them, there often becomes an imbalance. It's important that you always keep in mind relationships are all about giving love, not just receiving it. 


5. Creating more drama than memories. Most of the time, men find fulfillment and value in solving problems and making things easy through logic and reason. That's why their masculine energy tends to grow weary when women get caught up with their emotions and become upset without them fully understanding why. Make sure you focus your energy on creating happy memories that will make him love you more—not drama that will cause him to feel suffocated in your relationship. 


6. Not knowing your own value. You'll never be able to experience the love you truly deserve if you don't know your true worth. Yes, you probably didn't deserve being taken for granted, but you also probably shouldn't have entered a relationship with that "bad boy" who you know is emotionally unavailable since the beginning. Girls almost always have these two fears: one is you're not "good enough," the second is you won't be loved. Unless you learn how to eliminate these fears that would compromise your standards and hinder you from picking the guy you deserve, entering a relationship would probably not be a a good idea. 


Yes, we know it can sometimes be difficult to control our emotions because our brains seem to be like wires that are almost connected to everything, but don't worry—as long as you keep in mind some of these reminders and learn from it, you're good to go!


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