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In Focus: 5 Sheet Mask Mistakes You're Making That You're Probably Not Aware Of

In Focus: 5 Sheet Mask Mistakes You're Making That You're Probably Not Aware Of



With its popularity, who hasn't encountered a sheet mask in their life yet? They're everywhere now—and, aside from their power to moisturize, revitalize, or repair your skin, they're also extremely easy to use and barely requires much effort. It's no wonder gals (and even guys!) go gaga over it. Who wouldn't love to relax and get pampered in just 15 to 20 minutes and your skin rakes all the benefits? They're mighty cheap, too!

While most of us think using sheet masks is a simple four-step process (open-unfold-apply-remove), we often overlook some valuable info that can actually do more harm to our skin than good. If you want to get maximum results, make sure you steer clear out of these sheet mask mistakes!


1. Failing to prep your skin properly. Applying a sheet mask without washing your face is a big no-no. It may be quite tempting to wash it off all at once, but your sheet mask won't be able to work its magic and yield optimal results if your face is uncleansed. Make sure your face is freshly washed to see effective results!


2. Leaving it on for too long. Maybe you're thinking the longer you apply it, the better results you'll get, but that's not the case with sheet masks. In fact, leaving the mask on longer than the instructed time will actually worsen your skin because it'll do the opposite by sucking up all the moisture from your skin back into the dry mask, making your skin drier and worse than when you started. Set a timer so you'll know when to remove it and avoid prolonged usage.



3. Applying moisturizer before your mask. Cleansing and toning are prerequisites to your masking session, but moisturizing your skin is something that you'll have to do after applying the mask. It is your sheet mask's task to replenish and moisturize your skin, so it'd be better to let the mask do its job before you decide if your skin needs more hydration.


4. Not reading the instructions. It seems like an obvious thing to do, but, in reality, most girls usually don't see it as a big deal when they fail to read the instructions. Aside from the fact that you might just save yourself from harmful ingredients, following instructions can actually make or break your masking session. 


5. Wiping or washing your face after applying your sheet mask. Yes, the sticky residue from your mask feels icky and weird, but this is where the hydrating and skin-moisturizing essence lies! Wiping or rinsing it off means getting rid of all the nourishing goodness that should be absorbed by your skin. Another hack is to squeeze out the leftover liquid from the packaging and massaging it all over your face to get the most out of it!


Now that you know these common sheet mask mistakes, get ready to get maximum results that this magical beauty product can bring you! Enjoy your masking session!


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