In Focus: A Portraiture Adventure With Fashion Photographer Dix Perez

In Focus: A Portraiture Adventure With Fashion Photographer Dix Perez

Millions call Metro Manila their home. Filipinos from all walks of life reside in the country’s central hub, all with varying personalities, each one with a story to tell.

“A stroll through the streets of Manila with a camera on hand is always an experience. But this time, I wanted to try something different. I desired to see it in its most uninhibited, most genuine. Through street portraiture, I intended to bring out the personality of my subjects, to see what they’re thinking through their eyes,” said fashion and beauty photographer Dix Perez.

Typically armed with a DSLR, Dix opted to leave this at home and instead went around the Metro with his camera phone for a closer, more intimate experience.

“When I bring out my big camera, the people I take photos of become tense because they expect to be shot by a professional photographer. In contrast, when I whip out my Huawei P10, my subjects aren’t intimidated at all. That’s the big difference when you use a great camera phone in place of a DSLR.”

Redefine portrait photography. Revealing untold stories.

“Usually, when you see someone, you don’t know their background. But once you shoot them, that’s when their personality comes out—you’ll know them better. When I used the P10 for portraiture, I felt closer to my subjects. It was more intimate. It’s a connection that you get by using a phone instead of a professional camera.”

Redefine portrait photography. Revealing untold stories.

“As a photographer, my role is to capture stories. My advice to budding and aspiring photographers? Look for that connection. Be genuinely interested in your subjects—because everybody has a story to tell.”

See Dix’s portraiture adventure in Manila here...

Dix Perez was able to capture a more intimate side of Metro Manila’s populace with his Huawei P10. Equipped with a custom-engineered Leica lens—the most prestigious lens available on smartphones—the P10 features precise 3D facial detection, dynamic illumination, and natural image enhancements, allowing it to produce stunning artistic portrait shots that are clearer, richer, and more beautiful. It’s like having a studio in your pocket.

Again, everybody has a story to tell. Capture these wonderfully with the new Huawei P10.

The Huawei P10 and the P10 Plus are now available nationwide. For more information, go to or




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