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Hot Stuff: Anne Curtis Is So Krazy About K-Drama, There Might Be Hints Of It At Her Wedding!

Hot Stuff: Anne Curtis Is So Krazy About K-Drama, There Might Be Hints Of It At Her Wedding!

Who wouldn't be happy for the "bongga-cious" and delightful Anne Curtis? After the lengthy rise of a glorious career in showbiz, this TV queen finally finds the love of her life and is soon about to settle down in matrimony. Everyone's practically abuzz, keeping tabs and curious about her preps and her overall beauty, fitness, and style direction toward her big day. She's not letting on too much, though, honestly, because she wants it all to unfold in time.


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Even if Anne has grown up leaps and bounds and is about be someone's wife, her fun, child-like side still manages to gush in wonder at simple things like K-Dramas and Korean pop culture. This side of her, apart from her lit-from-within radiance, is still what endears her to millions of fans around the globe.


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How did your love for K-Drama begin exactly?

“It all started on a Sunday night, Erwan and I usually have our movie nights. I asked ‘Have you seen Train to Busan? and he said “No.” So then we started watching Train to Busan. I saw the lead actor (Gong Yoo), I googled him, and then I started watching Goblin, then yun na.”

What is it about Goblin that got you?

“The story, the acting, the OST, it’s so superbly done, as in parang siyang film. It’s really one of my hopes for Philippine TV, na maybe one day we can reach that. It’s so well done talaga. And they shot so long for it before it actually aired.” 

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What are your fave K-Dramas?

Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, right now I’m watching Strong Woman, Uncontrollably Fond is also nice, and... She’s in the Trap.”

Who’s your fave K-Drama girl crush?

“Song Hye Kyo and then Lee Sung Kyung.”

Song Hye Kyo (known for Descendants of the Sun)

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Lee Sung Kyung (known for Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)

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Who’s your fave K-Drama guy crush (like we don’t know) and explain why?

“Gong Yoo(oooo)!!  You know what, because most of the Korean boys are very pretty boy looking. For me that’s where Gong Yoo stands out, he’s more macho. Basta he’s manly, very, very manly.”  


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Gong Yoo (known for Train to Busan, and Goblin)

What’s your favorite generic Korean beauty product?

“The masks, I love the masks.” 


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How about your favorite Korean food?

“Kimchi and Kimchi fried rice.”  


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If you could include an aspect of Korean K-pop culture in your wedding, what would it be? 

“Secret, kasi meron akong gusto, 'yoko pa kasi sabihin (giggles). Meron akong hindi pa sinasabi kay Erwan (laughs), pero sana maging available siya for the wedding.” 

Riddle us this, riddle us that, what is Anne Curtis sneakily up to on her wedding day?

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