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The Jersey Effect: How College Cagers Make Girls Go Weak in the Knees

The Jersey Effect: How College Cagers Make Girls Go Weak in the Knees

Hot men in uniform may traditionally mean Army, Navy, or Marine officers, but in this basketball-crazy country of ours, many of the hottest men and guys in uniform can be found on the court—running, dribbling, shooting, battling it out for supremacy. And with UAAP Season 78 commencing last weekend, college girls (and even alumni!) have got plenty of eye candy once again… because admit it or not, while you go to the games to show school spirit, seeing all those athletic physiques with their game faces on makes the experience extra fun... and make you go giddy with kilig.

What is it really with this female fascination for the baller dude? Yes, great hoop skills count for a lot, but there are those extra somethings that make girls go weak in the knees for guys in basketball jerseys—especially the college type. Let us count the ways:

They’ve got cute, youthful faces you can’t resist. These cuties are at the prime of their youth—versus their pro league counterparts, they lean towards the more angelic side because of their age. Who wouldn’t want to stare at adorable faces like DLSU Green Archer Thomas Torres’ and NU Bulldog Paolo Javelona’s?


But their game faces are as swoon-worthy. No matter how pleasant Mr. College Baller is, once he steps on the court, his whole demeanor changes. His intense passion for basketball brings out a game face that guarantees he's out to give nothing less than his best (Exhibits A and B: UP Fighting Maroon JR Gallarza and AdMU Blue Eagle Von Pessumal). And if he can be that passionate about his sport, then chances are, he can shower you with as much love, care, and attention, too.


We cannot exclude their fit physiques, of course. Athletes work hard to maintain their fit and strong bodies—no excuses. Their muscles are carved out to (near) perfection, what with the long hours they spend at the gym and in training. You’ll have a grand time just staring at his biceps, but fantasizing a bit about what it feels like to be embraced by those arms wouldn’t hurt either. DLSU Green Archer Jeron Teng has mighty fine ones, don’t you think?


Their winning smiles are oh so charming, too. A flash of those pearly whites earns any guy pogi points—but it’s a whole different story if it comes with a win, or in UP Fighting Maroon Gelo Vito’s case, back to back to back three pointers that gave them a hefty lead against the UE Red Warriors on opening game day.


And they know how to make a fashion statement as well. Even if they’re in uniform jerseys, these ballers have their own ways of setting themselves apart from their contemporaries. Their fashion essential? Cool kicks. AdMU Blue Eagle Kiefer Ravena went for a classic pair in his school colors, while UST Growling Tiger Renzo Subido opted for shocking hues.


What else makes you go crazy about college ballers? We’d love to know!


Catch the UAAP Season 78 men’s basketball games on ABS-CBN Sports + Action Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, 2-6 PM


Photographs Vyn Radovan


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