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Cheat Sheet: How To Master the Art of Subtle Flirting

Cheat Sheet: How To Master the Art of Subtle Flirting



You know what you want, but you're too scared to say it. Whether you're scared of rejection or just too shy to make a move, let's be honest: you've wanted your crush to notice you as much as you've noticed him. If you prefer being low-key, you may feel like there's no hope for this to happen—but, fret not! There are still little ways you can make your feelings known. Take notes because this is how you can master the art of subtle flirting!


Compliment your crush. This trick is always effective! What you say may just give them the ego boost to make the first actual move. You just need to give them a little push!

Make them chase your gaze. Avoid eye contact. (Yep, you read that right!) Look at the person you like then just a split second before they look at your direction, pretend to look away. Make sure that they saw you looking at them. By using this trick, you're somehow signaling that you're interested in them.

Be interested in what they like, but don't make it too obvious. The thing with most people is that they want to have deep conversations or similar interests with potential partners. To get you into that zone, all you have to do is to keep the attention of the person you like simply by developing an interest in his interests. When you notice him listening to music or browsing on Instagram, randomly ask about favorites then go from there!

Serve them your million-dollar smile. Who would want to be with someone who looks like a modern version of Atlas (a.k.a. the man who carries the whole world on his shoulders)? Look as pleasant as possible! Even though you might seem shy, your smile will show that you have a sense of confidence in you. Smile even if the flirting game didn’t succeed! At least, you’ll look happy. Single ka na nga, miserable ka pa?

IMPORTANT: Laugh at their jokes. Always laugh at their jokes—even if you're cringing inside, smile! Laughing is the best compliment a person could ever receive when they tell their stories. They will notice that laugh; and, if they truly like you, they will crack more jokes just to make you smile! *kilig*

Be open to opening up. We’re not telling you to come out of your shell just like that. What we're saying is that you just have to crack that shell just a little bit—enough for you to appear welcoming of the people around you. Make sure you're approachable, so the person you're eyeing won't hesitate to talk to you and ultimately make that move!

While it's a great feeling to be liked by other people, being the first to show interest won’t hurt either. Making a few subtle first moves isn't all that bad, especially if you manage to catch your crush's attention!

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