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Daily Diaries: From Fandom To Friendship—Starring New BFFs Kisses And KC!

Daily Diaries: From Fandom To Friendship—Starring New BFFs Kisses And KC!

There are multiple tales of fans meeting their dream celebrity or idol so to speak. It's an even rarer tale to have once been a fan, have fate put you in a success blender, and suddenly come face to face with them as a rookie superstar yourself. This is the simple yet sweet story of Kisses Delavin and KC Concepcion.

Kisses was an avid fan of KC from the beginning. After winning second place in Pinoy Big Brother, Kisses had the opportunity to meet KC. The two hit it off a la big and little sisters. Since then, the two have hung out and continue to meet up every now and then. 


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While on the way to the Britney Spears concert, that these two even had a previous session of girl talk, because, yes, don't we all need that every now and then? How about lipstick tips and life lessons in one. "You can never wait for the perfect time because that perfect time will never come. You just have to go for it!" KC said in a moving vehicle where Kisses is waiting for the ride to settle before she applies liquid lipstick. In life, that most certainly is true as well,. And in case you're wondering how it went at the Britney concert...


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 ...these two certainly had the grandest time together.

The two have also shared the limelight in a duo haircare endorsement...


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...and there's certainly  nothing like having found a confidant in someone who has seen much more of the showbiz terrain than you have.  They also hang out quite often now with G-Force dance director Teacher Georcelle as well.



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Kisses doesn't hesitate to address KC as "Ate." Their closeness is quite clear. We hope their growth as showbiz girlfriends continues and inspires others. You never know, you just might become one of your celebrity idol's future besties!

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