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In Focus: Signs You're Actually A #CertifiedTita Trapped In A 20-Something-Year-Old Body

In Focus: Signs You're Actually A #CertifiedTita Trapped In A 20-Something-Year-Old Body



"You're such a killjoy!"

"Could you be more spontaneous?"

These are just some of the responses that a #CertifiedTita trapped in a 20-something-year-old body gets whenever she refuses to join in on her normal fun-loving friends' plans. We are often misunderstood, but it's fine—not many people really get it. 

If you're also a millennial with the soul of a tita or if you simply want to learn more about our rare spieces, here's the lowdown of what really happens everytime our #InnerTita prevails!


Clubbing will never be our thing. Because loud noises are just the worst. We can never comprehend how on Earth bartenders accurately hear people's drink orders, let alone understand how clubbing is a "cool" way to hang out with friends considering the excessive amount of second-hand cigarette smoke. 


We find it hard to stay out past 1:00AM. After dinner, our friends are usually thinking about what they're going to do after. Meanwhile, we find ourselves imagining how nice it would be to go home and dive into our beds.


Dating apps scare us. We'll never really understand dating. Meeting strangers to see if we'd hit it off and having random guys flirt with us—everything about it seems to be like the opposite of having a good time. It's just way too awkward for us to go out with someone we don't really know. 


Our ideal Saturday night is reading a good book or watching a great film. What party? In our perspective, weekends are meant for relaxation so that we'd be rejuevanted enough to face another tough week. Why would we waste our energy partying all night if we can just chill, right?


We don't always feel the need to follow the latest trends. We're much more comfortable sticking to our own style and we'll never understand everything that's uso. Plus, we know we wouldn't be able to adapt to what's "hot" considering how most of it require us to expose too much skin. Pass.


We'd rather catch up with friends over tea or coffee than alcohol. Because we want to remember the conversations we have with our friends vivdly—and, most of the time, that's not possible with alcohol. So we try to avoid it at all costs. 


We never felt like we belonged whenever we're with people our age. Sometimes, we even feel like we have more connection with people who are older than us. Aside from the fact that our perspective and principles don't usually match with most of our peers, we find it more interesting to relate with older friends. 


We can never go out with a small bag. We always feel the need to bring everything—wet wipes, hand sanitizer, tissue, card holder...just everything. Because of this, we're usually the ones our sibs or friends go to whenever they need tissue or when they don't have enough space in their tiny bags to put in some of their stuff.


Did you find yourself relating to these things? If you do, then you're most definitely a #CertifiedTita trapped in a 20-something year old body, too! The world may sometimes view us as boring or KJ, but know that you should keep your heads up considering that you have the best of both worlds—having a youthful 20-year old body while possessing the mindset of someone who's well advanced in years. *wink*


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