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Cheat Sheet: Playtime Strategies That Stimulate The Imagination

Cheat Sheet: Playtime Strategies That Stimulate The Imagination


By Clara Rosales

Playtime doesn’t have to be confined to a phone or tablet screen. There are countless ways to level up playtime with your kids that will not only ensure hours of fun, but will also exercise their creativity and imagination. 

  Dressing up as Teacher Georcelle can be fun, too—especially if your child can mimic that trademark swagger!


1. Dress-up games. From doctors to firefighters and princesses to dragons, trying out makeshift costumes from clothes and items around the house can tap into your kid’s resourcefulness and creativity. They could explore what it's like in the shoes of different jobs, occupations, people, and even animals!

2. Show-and-tell activities. Sharing how their day went or what they love most about their favorite toy is a sure way to get your little one to open up in expressive and imaginative ways. They could also showcase their talents and develop their communication and people skills.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

3. Role-play. Go beyond the pages of their favorite fairy tale books and have the kids act out their parts. They’ll be involved in the story and this is the best opportunity to have them act out the characters they love and admire.


Feel free to create your own dance moves to describe your favorite experiences, just like Teacher Georcelle and Xia!

4. Dance. Though dance is usually a series of steps that might be a little hard to follow, making up a dance routine with your little one is just as fun and engaging. You can also follow dance steps that will get them up and moving, like the "Sweet Sarap Dance" choreographed by Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy—it’s so easy to dance along to!

After a tiring yet fun playtime, be sure to load up on delicious treats like the Jolly Spaghetti, the cheesiest, meatiest, and best-tasting sweet-sarap spaghetti to truly bring out the joyful and playful kid in everyone.  


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