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In Focus: The Best Ways to Unleash Your Inner Adventure Seeker

In Focus: The Best Ways to Unleash Your Inner Adventure Seeker



Most of the time, we're left with our hesitations when something new is introduced in our lives—new company, new experiences, or new adventures. During these times, you're left with two options, either to go and try it out or stick to what you're used to. Choosing the latter is safe, comfortable, and, admit it, the easiest to pick from the two; but going for the first option actually reaps a lot of takeaways—your personal growth included.

Sure, it's scary. As a famous author once wrote, "People fear what they don't understand and hate what they can't conquer,” and battling that unsettling feeling at the pit of your heart and stomach is the first step to "living" it. Trust us, there's nothing like the liberation of taking control of yourself than letting that scary thought do the controlling for you. Joyce Pring, Sam YG, Vince Velasco, Ramon Bautista, and Bea de Leon sure know this and more!

We had the chance to chat with these adventure junkies during Mountain Dew's Dew Nation Adrenaline Park launch and get to know how one could unleash their inner adventurous self, as they did. Their answers are nothing short of motivating, and they added in their must-try activities and their best adrenaline-pumping memories, too!


Joyce Pring


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She says: "Go out of your comfort zones, surround yourself with people who are like-minded and willing to push you to try new things, and always remember that it’s part of your growth, doing all of these new things."

Must-try adrenaline-pumping activity: "Car racing!"

Her story: "I won my first podium award, I finished second place in one of the races for Vios Cup. That was one of my most adventurous experiences because, in the beginning, I didn’t even know how to drive stick. So sila lang rin nagturo and I won!"


Sam YG


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He says: "Number one, find something that you haven’t done, but always wanted to do. Number two, find out a way to do it. You only live once. Time is of the essence. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or what’s going to happen down the road. It’s all about feeling and living our passion. Take time to fulfill your passion. Do what you love, do something that scares you, something that excites you. Number three, once you’ve done it, do it again. Repeat the whole process. Find something else you haven’t done and just never stop learning, never stop going. You've got to live, you know?"

Must-try adrenaline-pumping activity: "There's a lot, actually. Do jet-skiing, sailing, ATV, motocross, biking, car racing..."

His story: "I won't forget that one dive I had in Cebu. It was my first time to dive there. I was probably, like, eight feet down when, suddenly, everything went pitch black. I was wondering what happened or what was going on. Then, there was a huge stingray shark hovering over me, which turned everything black. So I think that would be one for the books."


Vince Velasco


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He says: "Just start. Remove all the questions, remove all the doubts. It’ll all be answered once you start."

Must-try adrenaline-pumping activity: "You have to try canyoneering. You start off rather small, try 12 feet then you move on to 15 feet, and you move on to 20 feet."

His story: "I went to Magalawa Island in Zambales. The most memorable part of that trip was when I got up in the middle of the night and I saw people spearfishing, and I actually got to free-dive while they were doing it. It was one of the most breathtaking and thrilling experiences in my life because you’re literally jumping into the unknown at midnight."


Ramon Baustista


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He says: "Find yourself. Kilananin mo muna ang sarili mo and identify mo kung saan ka sasaya. Magagawa mo 'yan."

Must-try adrenaline-pumping activity: "Play video games, like NBA, fighting games, lahat!"

His story: "Racing, always. I’m a speed demon."


Bea de Leon


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She says: "Get out of bed. There are so many things you can do now, so just go out. Go ahead and be the adventurous person you've always wanted to be."

Must-try adrenaline-pumping activity: "You know that slide in Davao? It's a giant slide that ends at the ocean. That was definitely fun."

Her story: "I love adventure, so I go to a lot of places. Ang daming waterfalls in Dumaguete, they have all fun adventure spots."


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