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In Focus: 10 Things Only Benildeans Would Understand

In Focus: 10 Things Only Benildeans Would Understand


By Nastassja Ng
Chalk Campus Correspondent


Animo, Benilde! De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde is an institution hidden within the chaotic streets of Taft and Pablo Ocampo. It is a place where students are nurtured to develop their interests and achieve their full potential whether in the field of arts or business. When people hear about our school, the first things that usually come to mind are its impressive art programs and the gifted creative students who are enrolled in it, but have you ever wondered what comes into our minds whenever we hear about our own school? Here are the 10 things only Benildeans can certainly relate to!

1. McDo’s Iced Coffee. When there’s a McDo branch right across your school (there used to be two—the other one is in U Pad—but they closed down), you sure know where to get your cheap coffee fix in the morning! It's definitely a must-have for us nocturnal Benildeans to pump up our nerves and brains for our early classes!


2. SDA Building, a fashion runway! Ahh! The School of Design and Arts (SDA) Building, the place where your fellow Benildeans' personalities just shines through. Whether you dye your hair blue, purple or pink, you can be guaranteed that no one will judge you. In fact, everyone respects everyone when it comes to their aesthetic preferences. 

3. Rob’s Diner SisigThe place where you can have the best sizzling sisig ever for less than P100! Uncle Rob, who’s also very accommodating, serves budget-friendly food that can fill the tummies of every hungry Benildean. We love how their meals come with iced tea, too!


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4. Starbucks? Which Starbucks? When you’re a Benildean and you try to meet up with someone at Starbucks, you automatically ask them which branch to avoid confusion. Because every true blue Benildean would know that there are two Starbucks branches that are just a few meters aways from each other! 


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5. Music Wednesdays! Your Wednesdays are never dull every C-break at the SDA Cafeteria. The Music Production students set up a stage every third day of the week, which they actually do for one of their classes so they can practically apply their learnings on mixing live sound—and, of course, for entertainment. Also, it's open mic after every set!


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6. Topside Chicken Wings! Every Benildean is familiar with these affordable yummy wings spot just along Leon Guinto. It has a chill beach house vibe that's great for catch up sessions with your buddies! Its awesome ambiance sometimes even make us forget for a second that we're in Taft. Though they don't have A/C, it has an airy space with lots of wall-mounted fans. Our chicken wings experience is also made even better because we can eat it with our hands (with the disposable plastic  gloves that are provided to us)!


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7. SIS. The Benilde Student Information System (SIS) is one of the proofs that technology isn't always that perfect. In fact, its byproduct can be really flawed and disappointing—take it from our website. Whenever it’s time for enlistment or the “Sparta Hour,” you really have to fight your way through the system to get a good slot for your subject.


8. Fuzzy Friday? Happy Thursday is already a part of Taft culture. Although DLSU students end their week on Thursday—hence, Happy Thursday–us Benildeans still have to go to class the next day. Either you fight your way through the morning or get a Saturday class instead (as if that’s a better choice), but Fuzzy Fridays it is!


9. The Insta-friendly white walls. Whenever we need a neat, white background, SDA’s walls always save our day! Aside from being perfect for OOTD shots and photo op sessions, it is said that these walls were painted white so that artists can imagine it as their blank canvas so they can let the creative juices flow. It also helps that it makes the place look extra clean and refreshing!


10. Live Jesus in our hearts, Forever. Artistic endeavors, spiritual education, and environmental awareness—these are just some of the few things that a Benildean could attain through their education. It is a learner-centered institution that believes we are all capable of talent and creativity that could be used as a tool to help those people who are in need.


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What are your favorite memories as a Benildean? We'd love to hear about your story in the comments below!


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Banner photograph from De La Salle-College of St. Benilde. Photographs from Nastassja Ng.




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