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Daily Diaries: 'Tito' Robi Domingo's Idea Of A Nightlife? Friends, Red Wine, And Convos About Life

Daily Diaries: 'Tito' Robi Domingo's Idea Of A Nightlife? Friends, Red Wine, And Convos About Life

Exploring the hole-in-the-wall spots and local breweries with Piolo Pascual in Poblacion, Makati for the third installment of The Crawl is surprisingly novel for Robi Domingo. “I'm a Northern boy; I don't like traveling far from my place,” he laughs, “But, because of this experience, I'm beginning to go out of my comfort zone and try out different pubs.”

A late bloomer when it comes to imbibing alcohol, Robi has a thing or two to say about walwal moments: “You know it's a good night when you don't remember anything,” he laughs, “The tendency is that you'll drink a lot, then the next day, it's either you'll have a big smile on your face. Or, you'll have that sense of regret.” The star had other priorities in his younger years. “Honestly, when I was in high school, I never drank. It wasn't in my system,” he reminisces, “College: not so much. I was too focused on my work, on my studies.”

Time obviously brought Robi a new kind of appreciation for drinking. “I learned that alcohol is not bad,” he confesses, “It's a way to stimulate conversations.” Not a bad philosophy when it comes to boozing.  

What’s your typical gimik like?

"As a millennial, I don't like partying in clubs. It tends to ruin your voice, your ears. I go for acoustic bars where I can hang out with friends. For me, it's not just about the alcohol and the food. It's about the conversations that you exchange with your friends. I'm a talkative guy so I want to hear stories and to put my stories out, put my life on the table with my friends. I'm all for moments."

Who are you with usually?

"Not with my girlfriend anymore, obviously. I'm mostly with my college friends and my doctor friends. We talk about life: what could have been, not regrets, just the what-ifs. My life is really different from what I'm used to. I could have been a doctor right now: the best OB in the country. Opta, I meant Opta."

What kind of drinks do you like drinking?

"I used to go for beers because it was cheaper than red wine, hard drinks or cocktails. But, I learned that beer is not good for your stomach. The beer belly effect, totoo yon. So, nung kumita-kita na ako ng konti, nagkaroon na ako ng GC para sa ibang drinks. Now, I tend to go for red wine more than anything else. I have the darkest palate. I like the tannics. I go for bold tastes; I don't like the mellow, sweet type. Cabernet Sauvignon, that's my poison."

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Describe drunken Robi.

"I asked my friends before kung paano ako masira. They would tell anyone that drunken Robi would be that silent laughing kid in the corner. There are phases. You would know that I am drunk if I begin to talk a lot. But, you'll know that I am out of the picture when I am silent and anything you would say is funny."

What’s your usual gimik OOTN?

"I'm very relaxed and casual: jeans, shirts, sneaks para presko lang when you go around. If you're going to a crawl, you need to be as comfy as possible. No need to impress anyone with what you wear. It's what you got on the table."

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Catch “The Crawl: Poblacion” on August 16 at 7:30PM on Lifestyle TV, available on SkyCable and Destiny Cable channel 52, and Sky Direct channel 31. 

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Photographs by Vyn Radovan




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