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Why Are You Still FAT?

Why Are You Still FAT?

Face it. You clicked on the link because you really want to know why you are still fat for the long part of your life. Or has just gotten fat recently and can't get back down the scales.


You know why? It's probably because…


  • You Don't Really Care

When you're at home watching TV or browsing YouTube, you see these perfect looking models and celebrities. You admire them or just switch the channel. You admit they look good or maybe not really give a comment, and just accept it as that. If you want to change, you have to get out and make the effort to care about yourself and make the change.


  • Your Procrastination is KEY to FAILURE

If you aim to fail every time you set a goal in mind, then PROCRASTINATION is key. Sure you do the motions, the possible research and maybe the queries from peers and friends. But if you really do it, there's no better time than now. You can start small. Skip sodas for the first week. Reduce your calorie intake. Give up what you can sacrifice today. Then the next, give a little more until you're so used to everything else that it's just nothing to you.


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  • You have no problem with LOOKING BIG

If you got fat around your tummy, chubby or you're made up of a mix of muscle and fat. Or if people tease you that you like you're pregnant when you're clearly a dude, it's fine. Looking big or being big is all right. If you look in the mirror and you like what you see, that is FINE. But when your big stomach is preventing you from picking up a pencil on the floor, or when your chubbiness is hindering you from running around and playing with your toddler. Or when that combination of muscle and fat is holding you back from reaching that marathon goal you've been aspiring for…then you have an issue. When real life situations pull you back from the things that make your life work, that is something YOU have to change.


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  • When it Gets HARD, you walk OUT the door

You know it's hard first and foremost, that's why you probably couldn't do it before. You know. But now, that you've tried and did it. The reality is: It really is HARD. You were right! But you shouldn't let something hard beat you down. This is the point where you are tested whether you want this bad enough that you'd risk the hard part now and reap the easy rewards later






  • You Never Learn

There are tons of information and fads on the internet. Not all of them are fake. And not all of them are true. But you'll never know if it's right for you, if you don't try. If it doesn't work, move on to the next. Until it does. Then learn from it. If it stops working, try another one. The important thing is you've learned and you've tried. We've been always asking for the right diet trend or instant fix that we don’t realize that part of the journey whether dieting or getting the right guy/girl is learning from the experience. And with those things we learned, we get better at it.


Keep yourself motivated, determined and you'll reach your goals. Failure is part of it. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Whether this is weight loss or bulking up, just keep getting back up. You'll get there.


If you're in the same boat or have conquered it, what was the thing that held you back?




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