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Daily Diaries: The Secret To How Papa P Gets To Drink A Bucket Of Beer And Still Have Abs

Daily Diaries: The Secret To How Papa P Gets To Drink A Bucket Of Beer And Still Have Abs

If there was such a thing as mindful drinking, then Piolo Pascual would be its poster boy. He's had an early start to the dubious glories of imbibing alcohol. “No thanks to my dad, I learned how to drink when I was a kid, maybe around eight to nine years old,” laughs Piolo, “Everytime I would pass my dad's group, he would make us chug a glass of beer. I'm not proud of it, but at least I learned how to not get drunk too easily.”

Suffice to say, the matinee idol has learned a few things about how to survive a big night of inebriated revelry. We sat down with Piolo as he explored the urban streets of Poblacion, Makati City in the third installment of Lifestyle TV's The Crawl to experience the vibrant restaurant and pub scene of the neighborhood with his new Crawl buddy Robi Domingo. Before you hit the town, you might want to glean a few tips and tricks that Piolo generously shared. Our key takeaway: self-restraint is essential.  Who knows, you just might make it.

What’s your typical gimik like?

"That's a very complex question. It depends on who I'm with. If I have guests visiting from another country, I'd want to give them the local flavor, so I bring them to a place where there's a local feel. But, most of the time, if I have friends over and we want a good chat, we stay home. I guess, when you get older, you look for gimiks that are more mellow."

Who are you with usually?

"I'm a very friendly person. I go out with different groups of people: from work, family and friends. I just love to hang out and talk."

What kind of drinks do you like?

"I'm very simple. I like beer. I'm not into hard drinks because I don't like the aftertaste. Back when I was younger though, I could down whole bottles of tequila and vodka."

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What do you like about Poblacion?

"I hang around Poblacion because I live a couple of blocks away. When I have visiting friends, we start here then we go up to my unit."

Recommend good drinking places and why?

"El Chupacabra. There's a private area upstairs where we can hang out."

Describe drunken Piolo. 

"I don't get drunk. That's a no-no for me. I'm very conscious about that. I know my tipping point. Whenever I feel that it's going to be too much already or if I feel that I'm going to lose my senses, I stop. After maybe 6-10 bottles, I ease up."

What’s your usual gimik OOTN?

"I'm very chill. Sneakers, shorts and a loose shirt. When you bar hop, you want to be comfortable. If I go to a club, then I wear jeans."

How do you burn the extra calories after drinking?

"I don't want to deprive myself of the things I want to do. In order to eat what you want and drink what you want, you have to balance things out by breaking a sweat. The thing I always do after a long night of drinking and bingeing is to run, bike or workout."

Catch “The Crawl: Poblacion” on August 16 at 7:30PM on Lifestyle TV, available on SkyCable and Destiny Cable channel 52, and Sky Direct channel 31. 

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