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In Focus: How to Be Productive Even When You're Constantly On Social Media

In Focus: How to Be Productive Even When You're Constantly On Social Media


By Deej Garcia
Chalk Campus Correspondent


These days, all of us are super attached to our smartphones. Admit it or not, we always find ourselves glued to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—yes, all three—no matter the time of day. If you feel like you're spending too much time on the Internet, here are a few reminders that will help you make your social media browsing more productive!


1. Prioritize. We have to be organized with our tasks and real-life agendas. Let's say, you have an hour to prepare before going to school or work, what you should do is to check only those messages and notifications you're expecting to receive and are actually important. Don't worry, you can still chat with your barkada while you're sitting in the bus on the way to your destination for the day.


2. Hold the selfies. It's okay to show off your new haircut or to flaunt your on-fleek #FOTD once in a while, but if you're constantly taking snaps of yourself and uploading them on social media, then, honey, it's time to take it down a notch. Your followers and friends can do with a little bit of missing you, trust us.


3. Start your own business. Putting up an online business is a great way to use your social media skills to good use. Turn those double taps into actual cash by selling items or creating an online portfolio for your line of work. This way, you're not just spending meanless time on the Internet, but you're actually earning money!


4. Commit to making a positive impact. You don’t have to be a blogger to influence people. You're already in the right track just by sharing your life and posting about things that others can benefit or learn from. You don’t need to have tens of thousands of followers just to be an influencer. Keeping in mind that you want to make a difference online and inspire those who can hear you can already go a long way.


Social media can do wonders when it comes to connecting with people and putting ourselves out there, but it's still important to remember that we have to be in the moment and experience what's actually right in front of us. No matter what you're doing online, whether it's productive or not, don't forget to look up from your screens to soak up what's actually happening in your life and not just re-living it through social media!


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Banner photography by Bruno Gomiero via Unsplash.




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