The Six Fix: The Different Kinds of People You'll Encounter on Instagram

The Six Fix: The Different Kinds of People You'll Encounter on Instagram



By Elisha Gabrielle Estacio
Chalk Campus Correspondent


Admit it, Instagram has changed the world forever. One of the most famous social media platforms online today, it gives people a chance to meet some 700 million people on Earth and get to know them better through squares of pictures. We spend tons of hours double tapping the photos in our feed, whether it's the latest happenings in the lives of our close friends or the newest project our favorite creatives are working on. May it be an acquaintance or celebrity, you can't hide the fact that you're always looking forward to seeing all of their updates (even on Instagram Stories).

As we scroll through this app on a daily basis, we can't help but notice the different kinds of people we encounter based on the photos they post. Are you one of them or follow any of them? See for yourself!


1. The Foodie

This is the person who literally lines up in every new restaurant's opening! She does this because she wants to be the very first one on her friends' feeds with the pretty photo of the latest food trend perfectly enhanced by her filtering skills. Sometimes, we can't help but be annoyed at her because she makes us v. jealous and v. hungry at the same time! Like, seriously? How exactly do you turn a simple breakfast spread into a very tempting flatlay?


2. The Traveler

She makes us cry our hearts out because she's almost done ticking off her bucket list that we haven't even started on yet! She's gone mountain hiking in all the Instagrammable mountains in Tanay, Rizal. She's been to Boracay and El Nido and still hasn't stopped posting pictures, even though she's been there six times already. Errr. This kind of person Instagram makes us want to spend all our savings on round-trip tickets in the next seat sale!


3. The "Random Picture, Random Caption"

This person's feed is full of shots of the sky and portraits of strangers coupled with different motivational quotes. Admit it or not, this is one of our favorites because they're one of the few users who help us get through a bay day. Who doesn't want to read something positive and look at something so aesthetic amidst the traffic of our feeds?


4. The "I Don't Seem To Exist, But I'm Always Here"

We all love this one because we all like likes on all of our posts. (Who doesn't?!) This one doesn't post anything and her feed is empty—but, once we post, she's the first one to like! She does nothing but double tap your recent updates and she's probably on unlimited mobile data, so she can double tap on photos anytime!


5. The Business-Minded

Looking for Korean face masks, Samyang noodles, or castor oil? Then you just found your BFF! There's something about online shops that amuses us. We can find some pretty hard-to-find stuff on their feeds and be amazed by how affordable the prices are! Just beware of the fake sellers, okay?


6. The Couple

All of their dates, whether it's their anniversary or a simple fast food dinner, they just post it on their feeds! A lot of us think they're corny, but let's just acknowledge how they melt our iron hearts sometimes. There's no use being bitter because there will come a time that The One will come into your life and sweep you off your feet—and only then will you finally understand! Just wait for it!


Now that we're done listing down the people we encounter on Instagram above, it's time for you to admit what kind of a Instagrammer you think you are! Share your IG persona below!


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