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Cheat Sheet: 10 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands To Switch To

Cheat Sheet: 10 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands To Switch To


By Deej Garcia
Chalk Campus Correspondent


How much do we really know about the beauty brands that we are currently using? We know that foundation is for the face, lipstick is for the lips, eye shadow is for the eyes, and so on, however, do you have any idea whether or not those products are cruelty-free?

Let’s cut to the chase, cruelty-free simply means these products have not been tested on animals. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (or PETA) operate under these simple principles, "Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.” With this organization, you can learn more about animal cruelty and the companies that support the same advocacy.

Listed below are some of the brands that abide by this cause. Make sure to check them out because looking pretty doesn't need to equate to abusing our furry friends!


1. The Body Shop

This 100% vegan brand advocates human and animal rights, believing that true beauty is about looking, feeling, and doing good. Joining their movement on cruelty-free beauty is also just one click away: sign-up to their online petition now!


2. Tarte Cosmetics

A favorite among makeup enthusiats and beauty vloggers, you won't go wrong with this New York-based brand. With their superb range of skincare and makeup products, being cruelty-free is just the cherry on top.


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3. wet n wild Beauty

If you are living young, wet n wild, and free, make sure to do it in a cruelty-free way. With their fun and playful take on beauty, we're happy that there's no ounce of guilt in using their products!


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4. Urban Decay

We're pretty sure that every makeup lover has lusted over Urban Decay's NAKED eye shadow palettes. Go forth and collect every one out there because those babies are absolutely cruelty-free!


5. Smashbox

We're happy to say that even well-renowned brands like Smashbox also support this important cause. FYI, Smashbox's Studio Skin 15-Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation comes in 22 perfectly matched shades and ensures that your skin will look flawless under any light! 


6. Human Nature

For homegrown, naturally produced goodies, Human Nature is a Filipina makeup maven's best bet. From beauty to wellness, they have a wide range of products that proves they are a brand with a heart.


7. Physicians Formula

To anyone who have sensitive skin, this is the brand that's made for you. Physicians Formula produces the perfect mix of health and beauty so you're sure you're in good hands. For a sun-kissed radiance, just simply grab their award-winning Murumuru Butter Bronzer!


8. House of Lashes

Using sterilized human hair and cruelty-free synthetic fibers, House Of Lashes is the best must-have to grab if you want that tantalizing gaze. You can't go to a party without falsies, right?


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9. Rraw

For that healthy, year-round summer glow, Rraw is the premium choice. You can tell just by their name that they only use natural, raw ingredients to create their products. If you want to skip the chemicals, go Rraw!


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10. E.L.F.

Eyes, Lips, and Face (ELF) is all about getting more than what you pay for, trust us! With their top quality and budget-friendly price, there's really no reason not to love this cruelty-free brand!


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Now, we're pretty sure you're about to grab your vanity kit to check your products' labels. Don't hesitate to do so to save animals from being tested!


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Banner photograph by Breakingpic via Pexels.




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