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In Focus: Why Your Health Is More Important Than Getting High Grades

In Focus: Why Your Health Is More Important Than Getting High Grades



By Elisha Gabrielle Estacio
Chalk Campus Correspondent


We all dream of walking across the stage and receiving that diploma at graduation after patiently working hard the whole of our college lives. Some of us even consider getting honors non-negotiable. To us, undergraduates, getting the highest grades possible (or, at least, a passing mark) is always the goal. Sometimes, however, we get so busy trying to achieve this that we don't realize we're putting our well-being at risk. 

If you're losing sleep over projects or stressing about your thesis, you might want to step back and take a breather. Your mental and physical health is certainly more important than being top of the class. Here, we've listed the dangers of exhausting yourself from too much schoolwork. Make sure you avoid these, especially if you want to keep in tip-top shape and get those grades!


1. Sleep Deprivation

You want to maintain your status as a dean's lister, which requires you to stay up all night to prepare for a long quiz scheduled in three days. You decide to not sleep until the test so that you could review as much as you can. Why is this the wrong move? Nothing is more important than getting a good night's rest. Sure, you might ace the test you prepared for, but not getting enough sleep can lead to real physical and emotional breakdowns that can truly weaken you. What if there's another quiz the next day? What would you do next? You simply can't deprive yourself of sleep. Get some shut-eye before your body shuts down!



2. Overfatigue

Tomorrow is the day of your final exam in P.E. You have to make up for not being able to score a three-point shot in basketball last week. You overstayed in your school gym to practice for fear of getting a failing grade. While it's perfectly okay to be extra for the sake of your grades, you still have to listen to your body. How could you perform well in your practical exam if you don't have energy and strength left? Know your body's limits. Don't push yourself too hard; instead, go home and rest your muscles. Everything will be okay!


3. Nervous Breakdown

Isolating yourself from the things that make you happy during your midterms or finals may seem like the best idea, but not always. Studying too much can lead to depression or, worse, cause nervous breakdowns. Make sure to still give yourself  enough time to relax. Free yourself from any anxiety related to your school work. It's totally okay to watch that Game of Thrones episode and let your mind rest even for just an hour or two.


4. Hallucinations

Have you ever experienced seeing something that isn't actually there? Well, we have...while making a research paper in a subject we didn't want to fail last semester! While hallucinating usually happens in the most extreme cases, it helps to be aware of its possibility to avoid it!


5. Irritability

We think this is one of the most common signs that your mental health is suffering. This doesn't only affect your well-being, but also your relationships with the people around you. Your thesis groupmates will surely be upset if you're always impatient or constantly in a bad mood. You can't weather your school work alone, especially if it's meant to be a group work. Take a break!


Getting high grades is a good thing to aspire to, but don't let it eat you up! Learn to find balance between achieving your goals and taking care of yourself. At the end of the day, keeping your well-being in check is still the most important thing that you should remember. Health is wealth, after all!


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