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In Focus: #ChalkConfessions—Girls Reveal Why They Cheated on Their Partners

In Focus: #ChalkConfessions—Girls Reveal Why They Cheated on Their Partners



By Elisha Gabrielle Estacio
Chalk Campus Correspondent


Nothing else in the world can be more hurtful in a relationship than being cheated on. We're not here to judge, but most people may think that boys are the ones who do all the cheating. Here, Chalk talked to some ladies who have something to confess, too. Let's find out what pushed these girls to slip up and how it made them feel after. 


"I did it because he cheated on me first. I didn't love him anymore. I called it quits right after he found out. I didn't regret the things I did because it made me stronger and healed the pain he caused. It was sweet revenge! I am happy being single. I've never focused more on my goals than now."—Leanne, 21


"We had a long distance relationship. He didn't give me assurance that he still wanted our relationship to work. I found another man who seemed to care for me more. Everything felt toxic with my ex and I lost all my patience to still fight for us. Eventually, I got tired, so I chose the other man."—Ruth, 21


"I had a fling while still in my relationship, but I did that on purpose because I knew he was cheating on me. I confessed what I did and he did the same. We both knew we still loved each other at the time and promised each other that it won't happen again. Good thing is, we're still together until now."—Ghie, 23


"I thought of revenge cheating just to get back at him and make him feel what I went through, but I didn't do it. We tried to patch things up and everything was okay again for a while, but he never gained back my trust. I felt hopeless, so I just decided to cheat on him with a close friend. This close friend will not get my trust either, though. This is all my ex's fault."—Rika, 20


"I had a 'mutual understanding' with someone and when you're young, you don't really grasp what it's like to be in a relationship. I wanted all the attention and the time, I didn't really know then that it didn't work that way. So when the next guy came along, showing me a bit of what I wanted, I entertained it. I was even thinking, 'I'm not committed, he isn't my boyfriend, so it isn't cheating,' but the thing is, it is. It still is. I didn't gain anything from entertaining the guy. In fact, it left me emptier than before."—Ara, 19


"Something was amiss in our relationship. Even if I couldn't state what it was, I was sure it was the reason why I cheated on him. I knew I deserved more, so I let him go and chose to pursue my second guy. It wasn't easy to leave my first guy because I was so used to his presence, but I have to continue standing up for the choice I made."—Loy, 20


"I felt bored with our relationship. There was nothing new happening. I had a crush on a friend that had a crush on me, too. At first, I was trying to stop myself because I knew that I shouldn't be doing this, but he was my crush, so we flirted with each other while I was still in a relationship with my ex. The fling lasted for two months. When my ex found out about it, we decided to break up. After a few months, we got back together after he apologized to me in spite of what I did. He said he was boring and he totally understood my reason and promised to make it up to me. I gave it another try. Our relationship lasted for three years in total. It was a good love story and a lesson learned. Sadly, we're not together anymore. Don't worry, we broke up for a different reason."—Gelai, 21


"The reason was him, my ex. Cheating is about filling the gaps that the other party can't provide. The reason was I felt something was lacking in our relationship because humans are always hungry for satisfaction and will always look for something much better."—Lisa, 20


"He was too possessive. It felt like he was strangling me to death. I loved him so much, but love isn't always going to be enough. I cheated on him with a chatmate. It was constant exchanges of flirty chats, but I guess it's already close to cheating."—Fifi, 24


"We had a perfect relationship, but having a perfect relationship is suffocating. I wanted to challenge how strong our relationship was, so I cheated. I thought everything would be okay in the end, but he fell out of love. He was turned off. It's okay now. I understand him. He didn't deserve me."—Lovely, 22


At the end of the day, cheating always results in emotional damage for both parties. People cheat because of different reasons—but no matter what those are, there really is no justification for cheating. They are always lessons learned, hard ones that should never be forgotten.

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