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Where To Next: What Apulit Island Offers To The Overworked Millennial Who Needs A Break ASAP!

Where To Next: What Apulit Island Offers To The Overworked Millennial Who Needs A Break ASAP!

The hustle and bustle of the city is an everyday ordeal we millennials—well at least those belonging to the working class—have to endure. It has ingrained itself too deeply within our day to day that it becomes somewhat of an ambient noise already. But there are times when the chaos and congestion plus social media pressure get too much for our patience to handle—and the gym, some weekend concert, or sleeping it off isn’t enough anymore to get by.

Take advantage of being surrounded by waters then—'cause the beach is always a good idea! Where to when you're already limited with your choices (most are busy waters—from surfing spots to budget resorts)?

Just an hour’s drive and a quick boat ride away from the El Nido Airport in Palawan is El Nido’s Apulit Island Resort. A secluded private island where you have the makings of a luxury hotel, with the beauty of nature all in one place. Next to the privacy it offers is the God-given backdrop—blue skies, clear waters, and scenic views, all from your stilted villa atop Apulit’s famous coast line.

Apulit also offers hiking trails, where you’d get to immerse yourself in the heart of nature, and get more intimate with the dense wildlife of the island. There are squirrels, monitor lizards, and the famous Palawan mouse deer, just to name a few.

And, if being on leveled ground isn’t enough, you can climb to the top of the island’s highest point, which is approximately 60 meters, and rappel back down into the water. There are also the usual snorkeling and diving spots around the island as well, where you can appreciate the views of the rich marine life Palawan is so famously known for.

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Photographs from El Nido Resorts




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