In Focus: Nadine Lustre Spills the Secrets Behind Her Swoon-Worthy Instagram Feed

In Focus: Nadine Lustre Spills the Secrets Behind Her Swoon-Worthy Instagram Feed



Over the years, Instagram has become not just a photo-sharing app, but also an outlet for creative expression. Among all the celebrities you follow on Instagram, most of you probably can't help but notice how Nadine Lustre's has always been considered the perfect embodiment of #FeedGoals. She may not be a professional photographer, but there's no doubt that this gal has a knack for capturing beauty from behind the lens. Aren't you just dying to know her secret? Because we are!

Luckily, we got the chance to talk to her at the recently concluded Sony event where she renewed her partnership with the brand. Read on for Nadine's tips on achieving your own #FeedGoals!

1. Color coordination. Nadine's secret is to keep the colors of her photos consistent. "I used to do color coordination. Kung gusto nilang super curated talaga, nasa colors talaga 'yun, eh. 'Yung iba maraming whites, 'yung iba maraming warm colors, tapos 'yung iba naman super colorful," she says. To avoid mismatching, you can pick a shade that will easily go with all of your photos. That way, you can upload some of your best memories on your Instagram while keeping the vibe of your feed consistent.


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2. Don't be afraid to play with colors. Nadine also shares the struggles we all encounter every time we post on Instagram—to share the memories and compromise our feed or not to post and keep our feed well-curated? Right now, Nadine prioritizes keeping her best memories by posting them online. Sometimes, it's hard to keep the photos consistent; but, even without filter, she makes it look awesome by tweaking its colors through adjusting its saturation, contrast, and brightness.


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3. Patience is a virtue. Because capturing the perfect IG photo is never easy. From choosing a good backdrop to finding the perfect angling and lighting, it takes a great deal of patience if you really want to achieve a swoon-worthy feed like Nadine's. Aside from all those filters and photo editors, having a meticulous eye is really the key to taking that perfect shot!


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4. Know your style. One of the things that makes Nadine's feed stand out is her minimalist style. When it comes building that up, Nadine reminds everyone that it's always up to their own taste. "It's up to them na kasi syempre kailangan 'yung gusto nila talaga. Nasa characteristics na nila ma-be-base kung anong klaseng filter 'yung gusto nila," she says. Indeed, Instagram has become such an extension of our personalities that your overall look depends heavily on it!


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5. Use a good camera. Yes, filters and photo editing apps really do help a lot in enhancing your pictures, but nothing beats a good camera—and this is the ultimate secret behind her flawless photos. Nadine usually captures her photos with the Sony ILCE-5100 and carefully curates them to ensure perfect color combination, accurate framing, and consistent look and feel. “The Sony ILCE-5100 has everything that I’m looking for in a digital camera. It's user-friendly, which allows me to take beautiful photos that I can easily share with my followers,” she shares. No wonder Nadine loves it! 


We hope this would help you achieve that IG feed you've always been dreaming of! If not, there's no need to worry! After all, what truly matters is how we keep those memories, whether you get thousands of likes or not.


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