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Hot Stuff: These Are The Denim Pants Every Stylish Man Must Have In His Closet!

Hot Stuff: These Are The Denim Pants Every Stylish Man Must Have In His Closet!

Men can never have enough denim pants. And today, in a time when leading a fast-paced lifestyle while sporting Instagram-worthy #OOTDs is the name of the game, picking a pair of denim pants that puts focus on both style and function proves to be more important than ever.  

As denim pants are must-haves for men, they find themselves updating their denim game every chance they get. Denim brands, meanwhile, constantly find ways to innovate and reinvent jeans to further suit and cater to the consumers’ on-the-go lifestyle.

When it comes to offering fresher and more exciting denim designs, no brand certainly does it better than Freego. Established in 1983, Freego has been popular for both classic and modern jeans that put priority on the jeans’ sexy fit and comfort. For the brand, there’s a constant need to develop pairs of jeans that best marry style and functionality.

The newest “jeanovation” from the leading denim brand is the Freego Hyperflex 4-Way Stretch.  Made of flexible and lightweight fabric, these stretchable jeans don’t restrict movement unlike the way stiff and heavy normal jeans do.

For men with an active and on-the-go lifestyle, Freego Hyperflex 4-Way Stretch proves to be the perfect garb that can last from morning ’til evening. With it, the wearer can stretch, flex, and kick it in style any direction he pleases.

And because it’s so comfortable, one would probably feel like wearing these jeans as often as possible, bringing forth the problem of wear and tear. Not to worry, though, because this new product has a unique performance denim technology that incredibly offers great shape retention and no sagging. No matter how often you wear and move freely in it, it will retain its good quality.

The Freego Hyperflex 4-Way Stretch is not only functional, it’s stylish too! It has an embroidered inner waistband, a new texturized back patch, and a pocket flasher for the back pocket. It comes in three shades: Light, Medium, and Dark.

Now, next time you head to the mall, make sure you include this in your shopping cart. You won’t regret it. If anything, you’d probably find yourself even shopping for more pairs.      

The Freego Hyperflex 4-Way Stretch Jeans are available at Php 1899.75. Check out Freego Jeans in all leading department stores nationwide. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.




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