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In Focus: Millennials On Dating Apps—Do They Build or Destroy Relationships?

In Focus: Millennials On Dating Apps—Do They Build or Destroy Relationships?



By Elisha Gabrielle Estacio
Chalk Campus Correspondent


These days, the use of dating apps is no longer new to anyone. If you don't have any dating app installed in your phone, many may say you're probably missing out. For the millennial mindset, these apps have become the easiest way to start relationships with a person you are interested in, but some still think otherwise.

Here, Chalk asked a few people this one question that seems simple but boggles the mind: Do dating apps build or destroy relationships? Find out the answers below:


"They destroy relationships when people use them while they're already in a relationship. They can build relationships between two people who are single; however, it doesn't always mean it's romantic. Dating apps don't build nor destroy relationships, people do."—Trish, 19


"I think dating apps aren't good for building relationships because I think meeting total strangers is too sketchy. I can't trust dating apps because people can fake who they are. Not to mention, they are usually used simply to pass time."—Yani, 20


"I think dating apps can build relationships, but ones that are easily destroyed. There's not a lot of trust. Swiping right and chatting a little doesn't guarantee a relationship that lasts."—Ed, 19


"They can be good if they are used properly. Nowadays, it's one of the  more effective avenues to meet people and make your life exciting. However, precautions should be taken when using dating apps because not everyone in the apps are who they say they are."—Ivy, 27


"I'm a user of a dating app, and I've built a relationship in it. My partner and I still use it because we still communicate through it. It's really up to the person how he would use it."—Shai, 21


"I don't personally use dating apps, but I think it really depends on our intentions. There's nothing wrong with them; however, it somehow plays a significant role in the art of temptation because most of us are starting to deprioritize real love and intimacy. But I believe it still has its good side, we just need to be mindful of our actions."—Jen, 20


"It can build relationships. I found my boyfriend on Tinder and we're still committed. Still, there are times when some users think everything is a joke."—Mich, 20


"I do think that dating apps make it easier to reach out and explore. From what I've experienced, they can be useful when used properly, when you are clear with your intention and you're single and looking for a new relationship. It's worth giving a shot."—Aey, 21


"It can either build or destroy. It can build if the person you're dating has a good character and attitude. It can destroy if it's the opposite."—Ton, 29


Now that we've heard some of these comments, we'd also like to hear you! Should we really blame everything on the dating apps alone? Or should the blame be put on the people who use it improperly? Voice out your thoughts below!


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