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Love Actually: Way Past All That Heartbreak And Hugot, Alex Reveals Finding Love In Mikee

Love Actually: Way Past All That Heartbreak And Hugot, Alex Reveals Finding Love In Mikee

Our favorite funny girl Alex Gonzaga is blooming way more than usual. We remember a while back when she released two books regarding relationships and dating. Sometime shortly after that, she met her boyfriend—Mikee Morada.

While they may be #RelationshipGoals now, Alex and Mikee actually got to know one another in the most unideal scenario. In a past Magandang Buhay interview, she even "friendzoned" Mikee the first time around for a lot of reasons.


Take 58. Ready ka na ba to be my photographer? I need your support sa selfies. (Mikee now hates my new camera)

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Before entering her picture-perfect relationship with Mikee, Alex was the resident hugot queen whose advice on relationships pierced through any heartbroken millennial. We recently caught up with her at the Oishi Snacktacular 2017 event, about that time in her life when a brief two-month dating spell with someone else left her hurt and confused. What did she learn from it, and how did that experience make her grow?


What were your past frustrations with guys when you were dating? “I’d always expect them to do something, and I’d always expect them to treat me better and to make me feel special, and laging fail.”

What do you think is the biggest mistake some girls make today when they’re getting to know guys? “In my case, the biggest mistake that I felt I made always was rushing everything and giving away too much. Getting to know someone is a process. You should still always leave a bit of mystery for the guy para gradually makikilala ka nya and gradually he will know whether or not he really truly likes you.  Dun sa getting to know take your time and don’t reveal everything too soon.”

What stood out about your boyfriend, Mikee, versus other guys you’ve dated in the past? “He was very consistent. He didn’t use the ‘best foot forward’ method in courting. He told me right away when there was stuff he didn’t like about my attitude or things he felt I would do wrong. So, yun yung difference nya sa other guys." 


Happiest birthday to the only boy who always gets my humor and weirdness! I Laugh you!! You have my heart everyday ♥?

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"The other guys who courted me didn’t talk about how they really felt sometimes about me if I said or did something that bothered them. They would keep it to themselves, yung mga problema nila at reklamo nila sakin. Then suddenly out-of-the-blue they’d tell me ‘Uy, ayoko na’ and then I’d be stuck and left saying ‘Huh, why?’ if they had a problem with me.”

What do you think was your personal turning point in your life just before love found you? “Siguro, during the time when I was single for two years and then finally, I entertained someone just after that time. However, after two months that didn’t push through and I really cried about that. That’s the time that I realized na yung mga natutunan ko sa past relationships and even some of the stuff I wrote in my first book hindi ko naman na-apply agad that time sa sarili ko nung nagka-love life bigla ako (before Mikee). I was still the same person." 


Approve ba chabilooo?? Don't worry tinang loves you more Hehehehehehehe @severianoelliott

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"When my boyfriend came along, I was more aware of what to do and what to change about my attitude and paano ko iibahin yung attack ko sa relationships.”


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What message do you have to give to all the single ladies out there who’ve been hurt or are maybe confused now in the dating world today? “There will always be a time and season for everything, that’s what God planned for our lives talaga. You just take your time, enjoy whatever season you are in now, and one day you might just wake up and have a boyfriend!”

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