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In Focus: 10 Legit Lessons On Love Every Hopia Can Learn From Aprilyn And Raffy

In Focus: 10 Legit Lessons On Love Every Hopia Can Learn From Aprilyn And Raffy

By Danielle Cuaycong

Calling all romantics! After four years, Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz reunite on the big screen for their highly anticipated blockbuster Finally Found Someone. They play Aprilyn and Raffy, who unexpectedly fall in love after Aprilyn is left at the altar by her hunky runaway groom. Through the cheeky giggles, small drops of tears, and points of tension, this movie is indisputably unforgettable and can teach us all about the harsh realities of relationships. Here's the ultimate list of its lessons on romance:


1. It's painful to be in a one-sided relationship. When her fiancé is a no show at their wedding, a devastated Aprilyn runs all over Manila searching for the guy and collecting soppy breakup cards to send back to him. We know what you're thinking. Who would dare ditch their bride on their big day!? We've all been there to some extent—sulking over our ex and contemplating why they don't love us half as much as we love them. But the truth is, you should never have to force someone to love you. Ever.  

2. Love isn't as easy as ABC. Nor is it full of rainbows and unicorns. It gets tough and there'll be times you want to give up. We've got to admire Aprilyn's determination to mend the jumbled jigsaw puzzle pieces of her heart just for her marriage.

3. Don't be afraid of pain. When Aprilyn sees a photo her ex smiling ear to ear with another woman, she's overwhelmed with jealousy and hurt. But take it from her. Learn to embrace that you've loved someone with all your heart and realize it's their loss for losing someone who was willing to give up anything and everything for them. 

4. Don't be afraid to love. When Raffy turns up in Aprilyn's life (after a painful broken heart wound), they're both scared to helplessly fall in love with one another. So here's a tip: if you think you've found the one, don't be afraid to take the risk (as long as you're 100% sure they're not a rebound!). 

5. If the person you're with genuinely loves you, they'll do anything to win you back. When Raffy argues with Aprilyn, he sends her quirky videos of himself shaking his hips (a la Shakira's Hips Don't Lie!) and apologizes incessantly to make up for it. If your bae isn't even willing to go the extra mile for your forgiveness, think twice! 

6. Don't go back to your annoying ex! Aprilyn is tempted to go back to her ex after he publicly embarrasses her because she loves him. But no matter how many times you've been hurt and cried bucket loads of tears while stuffing your face with your favorite calorific chocolate brownie ice cream, you shouldn't forget all the pain they've inflicted on you. The damage has been done and you're #ridingsolo now. 

7. Don't be in love with the idea of love. Aprilyn loves the thought of having a loyal companion, an exquisite wedding, and a large family. However, behind that picture perfect life, you need to realize it's better to love someone for who they truly are and have bumps along the road. 

8. Love requires sacrifice so make sure you know your priorities. Raffy's flourishing career as a workaholic PR manager leads to an essentially nonexistent love life. He also has this preconceived notion of love as something entirely mushy. However, at the end of the day, he realizes that love is the only thing that truly matters (#cheesy) and that his career should take a break. 

9. Find someone who can make you laugh, no matter what. Let's be honest: who can resist Raffy's dance moves? Be with someone who makes you feel like the luckiest person in the world every single day and can make you laugh to your heart’s content! 

10. Time is the best band aid for a broken heart. When Raffy enters Aprilyn's life at her worst state, he's the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Believe that there is indeed life after a breakup. It may not seem like it after watching The Notebook a million times while muching on countless chocolate bars. But if you lived life without him before, you'll be able to live after!  

‘Finally Found Someone’ is the perfect rom-com to cry and laugh to your heart’s content to. If you’ve also waited four years for your fave love team to reunite, don’t miss this!   

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