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Cheat Sheet: Adulting Goals Every Millennial Should Start Working On No Later Than Now!

Cheat Sheet: Adulting Goals Every Millennial Should Start Working On No Later Than Now!

Nobody said it was easy.

Your parents may have warned you about the real world, but no one probably said it would be this hard. No more allowances. And oh, bills. Lots of it. You’ll realize that the struggle is real, but you can get this adulting thing down pat if you take it little by little. You’ll be fine. To help you stay on track, we made a list of goals that you should gradually tick off or continually work on.

Take charge of your life and make decisions on your own.

“What career should I be in?”

“Which job offer should I take?”

 “Is this a good investment?”

These are some of the questions that you’ll have to answer by yourself. You won’t get the answer right most of the time, but what’s important is that you own your decisions. Taking charge of your life is the first sign you’re ready for the real world.

Keep fit.

Face it: you’re not getting any younger. But if you want to FEEL younger, the best way to do that is to stay fit. One of the easiest and most fun ways to do it? Jog! You can do it before going to work or after. You can do it solo. With friends. Officemates! And if you work somewhere in Makati or in the BGC area, you need not look elsewhere for a place to jog—the Ayala Triangle or the Bonifacio High Street should be perfect and is more or less just around the corner. If not jogging, find a workout that suits you, one that you won’t have trouble maintaining.

Leave the nest.

This doesn’t happen at the same time for everyone. But eventually, you’ll want to see how it feels to be out of your comfortable family home and be more independent. It can be terrifying at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. You can start off with an apartment or a condo. Find one that’s near your work place to eliminate the traffic and long travel time. You may no longer enjoy free lodging, but you’ll discover that a lot of perks come with having your own place. 


There’s always that voice in your head that compels you to buy whatever you fancy while going around Trinoma or Glorietta. Another voice tells you to book one more flight. And there’s another that keeps on whispering to you to always dine at the best restaurants, no matter the price. Don’t worry, you’re not crazy. These voices are perfectly normal, and it’s ok to heed them from time to time to reward yourself. But you should also remember to save. “Saving” may be the hardest word, but remember, adulting isn’t just about the present—it’s also about preparing for the future. You’ll want your own ride. A great home in Nuvali for your future family. There’s a lot to save for, and you should start as early as now. 

Turn that brilliant idea or business opportunity into reality.

You have a great idea for a book or a screenplay? Put it on paper before someone else does then pitch your idea to a publisher or a producer. Make “shoot your shot” your life motto. You’ve been thinking of putting up a restaurant? You can start by setting up a booth within your local community, like the Salcedo Market. A dream will stay a dream if you don’t work towards realizing it.

Find love.

Being an adult isn’t just about the really serious stuff. Find love. It’s not always easy, but you won’t get anywhere if you won’t actively work on it or be open for it. If there’s no one within your immediate circles, try meeting new people. Your dream girl or prince charming won’t always reveal itself right away—you’ll get a frog from time to time—but it’s all part of the process. And once you find what you’re looking for, treasure it. Grow it. That person may end up as the one who’ll be there with you throughout the rest of your adult life.

Surround yourself with people who can help you become better.

The transition to the adult world can be tough. Like Mikee in the video below, not everything will fall into place right away. Mikee went through the same stuff that you’re probably going through right now. Mikee was YOU. But he was able to overcome his adulting struggles and move on to the best chapters of his life—with the help of a friend. Watch and take inspiration from his wonderful story.

Again, nobody said it was easy. But just like Mikee, you just have to put the wheels in motion. You’ll fail. Stumble. Make mistakes. Nevertheless, just keep going. The struggle may be real, but you’ll figure things out sooner or later. And once you do, we’re sure you’ll be more than just fine. 

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