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In Focus: Struggles Every Fashion Blogger Would Relate To

In Focus: Struggles Every Fashion Blogger Would Relate To



By Kyna Gem Sy
Chalk Campus Correspondent


Gifted stilettos in pairs of twos or threes from brands, first access to product launches, eliminated need to purchase cosmetics and clothing, a following base of tens of thousands—all these accomplished by fashion bloggers, as though effortless and without toil and trouble. "Picture-picture and post-post lang," as they say. Joel Silver said it best: "There is no such thing as easy anything."

Like any other profession, fashion blogging reaps results that come from hard work, persistence, and a whole lot of struggles. Here are 15 things that fashion bloggers can definitely relate to!


1. "One last shot!" Caution: This is a lie. After "one last shot" comes another "one last shot" then another and another and another...and another. The only time the actual final shot comes around is when the camera battery dies!


2. Instagram moms, dads, sisters, brothers, and friends are the best! And they're just as creative and patient, maybe even more so, as much as Instagram boyfriends do! They direct our poses, too!


3. Subconsciously clicking on Instagram even when there's nothing to check. We can navigate to the app with our eyes closed, that's how much we constantly check the app. Come awkward moments, come waiting time, come horrendous traffic, and come all disposable situations, we take our phones out, go to Instagram, mindlessly scroll through the home page, click on our notifications, go back to the home page, close our phones, and after 10 seconds, repeat it again.


4. Asking friends what shot they like best...but getting frustrated when they don't pick the one we like the most! And after much asking and much debating, we go back to the our original pick—as if no back and forth ever happened!


5. Getting paid three or four months after the deal. It's protocol, so making money out of our passion is really not as easy as everyone might think!

6. Keeping the feed in sync with the general theme. This has got to be the most tedious and most painstaking struggle of all! Some of our most Instagram-worthy photos don't make the cut simply because the tones and hues don't match the overall look of our profiles! Some, we even have to shoot all over again—the second time in a totally different setting with equally differing props! #TheStruggleIsVERYReal with this one!

7. Captions, even one liners, take so long to finalize. Writing captions requires careful deliberation, with consideration of engagement and of substance, trial and error, delete and redo, triple draft checks, final preparations, and, of course, a substantial amount of wit and humor! It's kind of like rocket science, but harder! Kidding, but you get the gist.


8. Our closet will never not be messy. It's just the way it is—no explanations needed.


9. Feeling so millennial when taking pictures of food in a restaurant. Yes, we can even feel people staring at us with beady, judgmental eyes! 


10. Feeling a wee bit embarrassed when taking #OOTDs in malls and other Insta-worthy locations. But we still do it anyway!


11. Flatlays are hard work! "Where do I put the dried flowers? Where do I put these magazines? Where do I place this fur? Why does it look so cluttered? Does this coffee mug look good? Pawis na ako!"


12. Feeling pangs of envy at times. It's fairly inevitable and understandable when we sometimes get overwhelmed with feelings of covetousness, especially when another's following base is larger or when a brand fails to contact us; but, at the end of the day, we realize that what truly matters is doing what we love to do.


13. Losing motivation. This always happens! Sometimes, the game even comes down to quitting altogether, but the key to overcoming the lack of inspiration is to remember why we started in the first place!


14. Blogger's block. Yes, there is such a thing! It's sort of like a combination of writer's block, innovator's block, and artist's block!


15. In the end, these struggles will never outweigh the love and support given and shared by our readers. All the hard work eventually pays off, especially when our readers engage with us on our social platforms, showering us with I love yous and thank yous so there's even more motivation to work even harder and exert more effort in terms of content!



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