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The Six Fix: Iconic Movie Roles We Can't Imagine Being Played By Other Actors

The Six Fix: Iconic Movie Roles We Can't Imagine Being Played By Other Actors



We all know that actors are supposed to breathe life into their characters and adapt to the roles assigned to them, but there are just some actors who have been unforgettably excellent in portraying a particular role that they are carved into our memories as the characters themselves. Their superb adaptation blurs the line between the actor palying the role and the character being portrayed by them. 

We're pretty sure you already have a few in mind, but here are some who seem to have been born to play some of the most iconic characters in cinema history:


1. Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man 

Downey and Tony Stark are so alike, we sometimes forget they're actually two different people. With Downey's quick-witted humor, disarming charisma, oozing self-cofidence, not to mention his inflated ego, there's undoubtedly no other actor who could've portrayed Tony Stark better than he did!


2. Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

We all know how Johnny Depp can easily take on any role and transform into a totally different character with such suave, but his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow was so exceptional to the extent that we ended up rooting for a notorious, swashbuckling bandit who we'd honestly rather love than hate.


3. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine 

Did you know that X-Men's director Bryan Singer was originally eyeing Russel Crowe to play this role? While we also love Crowe, we're just so thankful that they casted Jackman in the end! Considering how he totally slayed and owned the role by perfectly encapsulating Wolverine's angst, melancholy, humor, and physicality, it's just seemingly impossible to imagine Wolverine without the Aussie hottie in the equation! 


4. Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

Can you envision anyone else playing the Boy Who Lived aside from Radcliffe? Because we can't! Aside from his blue-green eyes that matched Harry's eye color, his soft-spoken demeanor yet powerful personality won him the legendary role that has touched and brought delight to audiences of all ages throughout the years. 


5. Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump 

Believe it or not, this role was first offered to John Travolta before Hanks was cast as Forrest. Travolta even admits that turning down the role was one of the biggest mistakes of his career. Let's be honest, though, as sad as we are for Travolta, we're not sorry for a second that he passed on this role and made way for Hanks! We're pretty sure everyone who has seen it will definitely agree how Hanks did an excellent job playing this iconic character.


6. Matt Damon as Jason Bourne 

There's a reason why Damon reprised his role as an amnesiac assassin that made him an icon in 2002's The Bourne Identity—any other actor wouldn't be able to slay it like he did. In fact, when Universal Pictures tried to create a spin off with another character to keep the series going with The Bourne Legacy, but it drew flak from fans and critics alike. As much as we want to say that Jeremy Renner did an awesome job in Legacy, it's kind of hard to appreciate a Bourne film without its original protagonist, which is played by none other than Mr. Damon himself. 


Do you have any other actors in mind who you think were born to play some of the most iconic characters ever? Let us know in the comments!


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