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The Six Fix: Organic And #ProudlyPinoy Essentials To Combat All Your Beauty And Body Issues

The Six Fix: Organic And #ProudlyPinoy Essentials To Combat All Your Beauty And Body Issues

By Danielle Cuaycong

With summer long-gone and the drearier rainy season looming, your glowing skin and beach body may have dissipated into thin air. But a healthy lifestyle should still be in place no matter what. If you find that nothing you do combats any of your face and body issues, why not start a routine of using pure organic products from GStuff? After all, beauty starts from within! Check out our list of the best natural products for any last minute gal problems! Talk about double whammy!


1. The Problem: Dry skin and hair. The Solution: Virgin Coconut Oil.

Have the harsh humidity and rainier days left your skin deprived of moisture and life? If the answer is yes, you’ll love this quick fix oil, which acts as a face and hair moisturizer that leaves your face soft and hair supple!  

2. The Problem: Greasy food. The Solution: Virgin Coconut Oil.

Say goodbye to greasy fatty foods! Amp up your nutrition levels by using this oil with less fatty acids than other cooking oils, prompting you to glow from within (literally!).

3. The Problem: Yellow teeth. The Solution: Oil Pulling.

Late nights and early mornings with strong coffee and sugar may have resulted in disquieting yellow teeth. Leave behind your hazardous teeth whitening toothpastes that damage your enamel. Instead, go far the ancient oil pulling technique which detoxes and rejuvenates your teeth, leaving them as white as snow!  

4. The Problem: Stomach ache. The Solution: Ginger and Turmeric Tea, and  Aromatherapy Massage Oils.

Afternoon stomach aches from an excessively calorific lunch may leave you with heartburn and indigestion. This ginger and turmeric tea will calm your stomach, removing any irritating bloat. Only one teaspoon will fix your digestive and bowel movement, whilst lowering your sugar levels! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

And if you're fatigued from too much exercise, try unwinding and relaxing using these soothing natural massage oils. Blended with VCO and other natural essential oils, these anti-fungal and anti-bacterial oils offer a smooth glide without that gross greasy feeling!

P.S. If you’re picky about your scents, you can choose from a plethora of oils including the delicate Coco Loco and the hypnotizing Eucalyptus Rosemary and Thyme.  

5. The Problem: Sweet cravings. The Solution: Coco Dolce Chocolate.

When you’re craving a midnight snack and the leftover donuts in your refrigerator are shouting your name, STOP! Artificial sweeteners will leave you craving more bad sugar, so opt for this natural chocolate option instead. Made from pure cacao and infused with malunggay extract, coconut sugar and virgin coconut oil, you can eat more with less guilt!

6. The Problem: Unhealthy snacking. The Solution: Taro Chips.

Avoid munching on your favorite BBQ chips whilst watching your favorite teleserye and instead reach for organic veggie chips made from various root crops. Baked in healthy coconut oil with a drizzle of dried rock sal, they’re high in fiber and rich in Vitamin E.

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