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In Focus: This 22-Year-Old Entrepreneur Shares Tips On Starting A Business

In Focus: This 22-Year-Old Entrepreneur Shares Tips On Starting A Business



Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Larry Page—just some of the biggest names in business who worked their way to success while they were still students. As much as being a smart cookie helps a lot in achieving success, they're all living proof that determination and perseverance play a massive role in accomplishing long-term goals.

We all know how pursuing your dreams can be quite risky and scary, especially when you're just a student, but fret no more! Shaianne Lim, the 22-year old owner of Fashion Paranoia who started her business when she was only a frosh in De La Salle University, shared some tips on how you can slay in business no matter how young you are! 


1. Invest in yourself. "There's no other person you can depend on more than yourself so allot time to educate yourself and deepen your knowledge about the different aspects of your chosen industry or business. Whether it's by attending a workshop or by working under someone who has already established his or her name in the industry, and learn from their strategy. Ask yourself questions like, 'What makes their strategy work and what does not?' or 'How can I incorporate this is my own business in the future?' These lessons will somehow help you as you establish your own business venture."


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2. Choose to love and be passionate in what you do. "It's important to always love and be passionate of what you do because it's what's going to keep you hustlin' even when you get tired and stressed. At the end of the day, after going through all the crazy workload, you'd be able to say that it's all worth it. No need for validation from others. You'd feel happy and fulfilled just by doing the job or running the business you want."


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3. Treat yourself once in a while. "Dealing with stress as you go through life while managing your own business is inevitable. So treat yourself to that vacation you've been dreaming of for months, dine in at that fancy restaurant and eat your heart out, or book that massage session you've been denying yourself. You deserve a break from stress and negativity. By taking some time off and taking care of yourself, you will less likely feel burned out from all the stress, making you ready for the next challenge ahead." 


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4. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. "They say, 'No man is an island' and it's so true! You wouldn't get far without the help of your friends, relatives, or other people. Collaborate with experts and amateurs alike, fellow entrepreneurs, and young creatives that you can say are a representation of your brand. You'll never know how much they can contribute to your business' success until you work with them."


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5. Never give up. "Things don't always go as planned and, sometimes, you'll experience being dragged to the lowest point possible. This will shake up your world and you will feel lost, but that doesn't mean you have to stop. Failure is a stepping stone to success and it shouldn't hinder you from achieving the success that you're meant to attain. So no matter how hard it may seem to be, just keep going, keep on searching for new ways to make your business work. Success is not a linear line—it's full of ups, downs, and turns. So always be stubborn about your goal, but never the method. You'll eventually get there."


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Just like any other endeavor, starting up a business requires a clear vision for you to be able to establish it. Most of all, it demands dedication and commitment to make it work; but as long as you'll work hard for it and stay resilient just like this young entrepreneur, you'll certainly reach your goal! 


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