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In Focus: 5 Essentials Every Millennial Can't Travel Without

In Focus: 5 Essentials Every Millennial Can't Travel Without


By Elisha Gabrielle Estacio
Chalk Campus Correspondent


Every millennial in this world—whether you're still a student or already an employee—can find a way to travel despite their busy schedule and tight budget, but no one can seem to master the art of bringing just the absolute basics during each trip. Of course, to millennials, their mobile phones are the most important must-have when traveling, though there are still essentials that we often forget to squeeze in our luggage. For hassle-free travel, make sure you have these on hand during your next getaway!


1. Universal Adapter Plug

When traveling overseas, you must always bring this lifesaver! Power banks alone can't save your mobile phone the whole trip, especially if you're constantly glued to social media! Don't expect Hong Kong to have the same electric plugs as Manila does. Make sure your gadgets are always well-charged with this key item.


2. Sunblock

If you're en route to the seaside or any outdoor adventure, don't forget to put sunblock in your vanity kit! If you're afraid of getting sunburnt and suffering all the painful consequences, never ever forget to pack this.


3. Leggings

A true blue traveler knows that packing light is very important! May it be a three-day trip or a weeklong escapade, we should know how to use that space in our luggage wisely. We all know the struggle of piling on too many clothes in our bags for the perfect #OOTD shots, but bringing too many outfits is not that necessary! A smart traveler knows the best strategy is to forgo denims (because they're actually heavy and takes up more space) and just go for anything light like leggings!


4. Hand Sanitizer

For hygienic purposes, make sure your hands are always clean, especially because you're going to ride public transportation and going around tourist spots a lot. The worst thing that can happen is catching a virus and getting sick, which is one heck of a nightmare when you're traveling.


5. Earphones

Whenever we're in transit, earphones are a must-have. Even when we're just in Manila, a pair can easily spell the difference between a peaceful commute or noise pollution. If you're going on a long-haul flight or bus ride, a travel-ready playlist and your trusty earbuds are your sanity pills.



What are you waiting for? Book that ticket and don't forget to bring these essentials with you. Your best trip is yet to come! Share with us your other essentials in the comments below!


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