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In Focus: Struggles Only Baby-Faced Peeps Would Understand

In Focus: Struggles Only Baby-Faced Peeps Would Understand



When you're already 21, but look like you're 13, you know all too well what a double-edged sword it can be. Yes, you enjoy those flattering moments when you see the amazement on people's faces as they discover that you're actually way older than what you look like; but when you're already in your 20s or currently part of the work force and people still treat you like you're a teen, "flattering" can turn to "annoying" real quick.

As much as you assume that graduating from college is your magical ticket to being treated like an adult, you realize how wrong you are when your older-than-you-actually-look look gets in the way of #adulting. So if you're a baby-faced gal, here's a list of struggles that you'd surely find yourself relating to! 


1. People seldom take you seriously. When you look like a high school freshman, people often forget that you're a grown woman capable of making good decisions. You're expected to be sweet and bubbly, so when you act tough, people just laugh at you and say "Awww, ang cute mo naman!"


2. Being constantly questioned by movie theater attendants about your age. Every time you're about to watch an R-16 or R-18 (or worse, PG-13) film alone, you always have to prepare an I.D. because you know they'll question you like you're about to do something illegal. 


3. You're more often labeled as "cute" and never "hot" or "sexy." You've been called "angel face," "doll face," "cutie pie," and all the other cutesy pet names you can ever think of, but never "hot," "fierce," or "sexy." But, hey, baby-faced peeps are not just "cute," you can be strong and beautiful, too! 


4. You're always mistaken as the younger sibling. Whenever people do this, you can't help but scream in your head, "For the nth time, I am not the bunso!"


5. You're always mistaken as an "intern" at the office. Just when you thought being a working girl would make you look like a legit adult, people would come up to you and constantly ask this question during your first few weeks at the office: "Are you the new intern?" 


6.  People tend to boss you around easily. Since you're always treated like a kid, others overlook you because they see you as "inexperienced" and forget the fact that you're just as competent and capable of handling difficult tasks just like any other adult out there. 


7. Others would always assume you'd be that sweet little girl who never gets mad. They feel like you're never going to get offended and being tough would be the least thing they'll expect from you, so when you do, they get astonished and act like you're crazy.


Indeed, the struggle is real. As difficult as it may seem to be a baby-faced gal in a tough world of adult-looking adults, at least you know you'll never have to worry about how you'll look like 10 or 20 years from now. Chin up, baby-faced girls! Show 'em that you can be fierce and adorable at the same time!


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