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6 Signs to Tell If He / She is “The One That Got Away”

6 Signs to Tell If He / She is “The One That Got Away”

There’s always some pause-worthy silence that goes with disclosing the identity of the person you regret letting go of. For some, it’s the kind of silence that they wish would remain just that—silence, because who seriously wants to talk about their regrets in the open? Like an admission that goes “Hey, I made a mistake. Wish I knew better or wish I could take it back,” it’s something that not all people would be ready for, if at all. For some, however, it’s the kind of silence that forces them to face the music, to really look deep within themselves perhaps to be left with only two things, a question mark and a sigh.

But who do you truly consider as The One That Got Away? While the answers to that question vary, here are six signs which can help you figure out if you haven’t yet.


  1. They appear in your thoughts out of nowhere.

And they do so often. But the thing is, while you consider it as random occurrence, it’s more likely that it’s coming from someplace else. We think, perhaps from your heart that calls out to them unconsciously? Whatever the case may be, if they just suddenly pop up in your mind for no reason, there’s a high chance that the real reason is just waiting to be acknowledged.


  1. You broke their heart or they broke yours.

For someone to be the one that got away, some “breaking” or grave instance must have happened. They just have that certain weight enough for you to look back on whenever you’re alone or for actor Derek Ramsay, whenever you’re asked by the media.

In an episode of Vice Ganda’s show Gandang Gabi Vice, Derek shares, "There was a girl that I actually broke my own heart for… It was just not the right time and I made decisions... I won't say the wrong decisions, but decisions that broke my heart." The girl he was pertaining to was eventually revealed to be actress and cover girl Solenn Heussaff.


  1. Hugot lines remind you of them.

Whether it’s from your favorite movie or love song, if it’s about love found and love lost, you got it. You’re keeping tab of the lyrics page because one, it’s relatable; and two, it needs to come handy for when you think of him “randomly” and wants to microblog about it.


  1. They follow you in your dreams.

They say dreams are your subconscious thoughts. There might have been a time when they were what you daydreamed about. But when they follow you into your dreams at night when you sleep, well, you may have to wonder why. Weird? We think it’s a bit haunting but sans the creepy, nightmarish feels.


  1. They will always be your ultimate wish for do-overs.

We know there’s no turning back the hands of time but if hell breaks loose and you’re given one chance to do things over again, the answer will almost be a no-brainer for you. It will be that time when you could have done things differently just so you can be together again.


  1. You do something permanent for a tiny bit of connection.

Sometimes you don’t know it yet but the things you do would actually lead you back to them. Sometimes you do it on purpose just so you can hold on to what’s already gone a tiny bit longer. While that may not be the exact case for Derek, he reveals on which ex has the most impact on him, “My niece is named after her (Solenn) so that says it all.”

He clarifies though, “Ang TOTGA para sa akin, you are still madly in love with that person and you didn’t try hard enough to make it work. For me, I tried hard in every relationship. I gave everything. You just have to learn to accept that it’s not going to work out between the two of you and that’s when you continue searching for that one.”











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