Four steps to an organized room [and home]

Four steps to an organized room [and home]

Keeping everything prim and proper at home.

No matter how big, small, simple, or luxurious one’s room can be, the most important part of maintaining the look and feel of your room is by simply keeping it clean. Some may find this task challenging, but Real Living here shares simple ways on making your room as organized as possible, making a herculean task a walk in the park.

Step-by-step to be not intimidated

As the saying goes, it really helps to start small. Start by cleaning one corner of your room, the do the other corners afterwards. Doing things systematically, one step at a time, you would not feel the burden of cleaning your room every time. This can apply also to living rooms and bathrooms as well.

CLAYGO all the time

You may hear this phrase at food courts, but it definitely applies at home as well. By making sure your room is clean before leaving it for work, it gives an extra dash of good vibes to your room, and to your house in general.

Recycle and donate often

Minimalism plays a factor towards a clean room, so it helps to get rid of unnecessary items to lessen your time dusting, wiping, and transferring things around. Donating and recycling them not just helps you, but it can help others as well.

Avoid impulse purchases

Before you think of buying something new to add to your home, think twice. Ask questions to yourself, like whether you really need the item or not, because unnecessary items could just add clutter to your house.




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