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In Focus: Did You Know You Can Get Sick Because Of Your Gadgets?

In Focus: Did You Know You Can Get Sick Because Of Your Gadgets?


By Rafael Bustamante
Chalk Campus Correspondent


From connecting with friends and family through social media sites to researching for homeworks and projects on laptops, tablets, and smartphones, gadgets have become an inevitable part of our lives. While the Internet and technology has truly changed the way we live forever, there is also a slew of illnesses that have come with it. Are you aware of the possible harm the use of your gadgets can do? Read up!


1. Nomophobia

How long can you survive without your phone? Nomophobia, or "no-mobile-phone-phobia," is a fear of the detachment from mobile phones. This leads to anxiety that affects personal communication with others. Plus, it can lead to panic attacks.


2. Phantom Vibration Syndrome

This is a condition wherein you hear your mobile phone ping when it actually didn't.  The often happens when you're too concerned about missing a call or text message. It was called "Phantom Pager Syndrome" in the '90s and "Ringxiety" in more recent years before it came to be known as such today.


3. Computer Vision Syndrome

Also known as Digital Eye Strain. The common symptoms are blurred vision, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain caused by the use of computers for prolonged periods of time. Worst case, it can lead to astigmatism.


4. Sleep Deprivation

Gadgets, like cellphones, are always on our bedsides. However, there’s a problem with it. This leads us to have sleep deprivation because gadgets make us unrelaxed.  It affects brain to stay up. Gadgets may stop our body to create melatonin, a hormone for the regulation of sleep.


5. Hearing Loss

When you listen to your earphones or headphones on high volume, you run a higher risk of losing your hearing. While it sounds like it doesn't happen often, it still can happen.


Of course, acquiring these illnesses is usually the result of excessive use of gadgets so use them wisely!


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