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In Focus: How to Have the Best Time At A Live Concert

In Focus: How to Have the Best Time At A Live Concert



By Elisha Gabrielle Estacio
Chalk Campus Correspondent


It's finally happening—after many years of waiting, your childhood idol is going to have a concert in town. Now, you're thinking of ways on how to make that night the best ever. All you keep on thinking about is to record the entire concert to your phone. But is that really the best thing you could do for you to fully enjoy a live concert? Here, we're giving you a rundown on how you can make the most out of your experience which can literally come just once in your lifetime.


1.) Relisten to the songs. The artist would probably sing tracks from his latest album in the live concert, especially, when the tour is named after their latest album. The best thing you could do is to to relisten to all of them. It's also a way of making the best out of all the money you spent for the ticket because you can sing your heart out and have fun! Singing out loud in the crowd might give you a shot to be noticed as a die-hard fan. This will give you a chance to be a member of an active fan club! That's a great news if you're into fangirling. 


2.) Go alone. If you don't have any friends who want to go with you, then it's fine to attend by yourself. Trust us, we've experienced this several times, and we will never get tired of saying that this is the best decision we've ever done! You may sound like a loner, but being alone is never bad! You're just enjoying the music and your favorite artist all by yourself without any distraction. No one will talk to you or ask you to accompany them in the restroom. It's okay to be selfish sometimes!


3.) Find the perfect spot. If the concert you're going to attend to has no reserved seating, then go early and do the best you can to be in front. If you're getting balcony seats, go for the ones on either side of the venue where you can get a closer view of the stage. If you want a wider view of the whole venue, then sitting in the middle right across from the stage will do just fine. 


4.) Get to know your fellow fans. It's always a nice time when you get to have a convo with a person with the same interest. If you're able to make friends with a fellow fan, keep in touch so you'll have a fangirling buddy! If possible, be a member of a fan club! There are a lot of pros if you're a member of an active fan club; you'll get to know facts you've never thought existed even though you're already a die-hard fan yourself.


5.) Put your phones down. For goodness' sake, my friends, get disconnected for a while. Stop recording the entire concert. It's like you're finally living your dream, so seize the moment. Feel the songs. Savor each minute that your favorite artist is right there in front of you in the flesh! Even they will appreciate it if you're actually there with them and not just taking pictures of them. 


Concerts are one of the few things that bring people together and we should know how to fully enjoy those kinds of moments that don't easily happen everyday. Make sure to live for the experience and not for your social media posts later on!



Are there anymore ways on how to fully enjoy a live concert? Leave those comments below!


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