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In Focus: What Guys Are Really Thinking During First Dates

In Focus: What Guys Are Really Thinking During First Dates



During first dates, girls aren't the only ones who have a million things flooding their heads–guys do, too! They might seem more carefree about dating, but, the truth is, they're just as conscious as girls are during those awkward firsts.

If you're still thinking otherwise, read on as these guys spill their secrets and share some of the thoughts that run through their heads whenever they go out with someone new for the first time!


1. Warren, 21

"My first date was with my best friend-turned-girlfriend. Despite being close friends in the past, I felt extremely nervous during our first date. Essentially, I don't want to screw up, so, during the date, I always thought of what we can talk about and what to say next. I also couldn't help thinking of stuff like, 'Should I hold her hand when we walk or is it too early?'"


2.  Mark, 23

"I remember thinking of what we can talk about beforehand and how I can keep her interested in what I say. I also considered how I will react to what she says—'cause, for me, you can always buy expensive gifts, beautiful flowers, or even take her to a fancy restaurant, but you won't be able to buy a good conversation.


3. Andre, 19

"During one of my first dates, I forgot to withdraw some cash and even left my credit card at home! I was so worried and scared that she might order something expensive and my cash won't be enough, but thank God the bill didn't exceed my budget. I also remember having a queue of topics during first dates, so that I'd be able to keep the conversation going."


4.  Aaron, 24

"I always think of playing it cool and not stuffing it up. I wonder what she's expecting or game for and, hopefully, I can over deliver on that so that a second date is a sure thing. On the flipside, I'm also sizing her up a bit. I'm asking myself questions like, 'Am I really into her? How can I get her to open up and how comfortable am I feeling with this girl right now? Does the chemistry seem to be natural or forced?'"


5. Ed, 19

"Everyone wants to have their first dates in fancy restaurants, but everyone seems to miss the essence of it—to make the most out of the presence of your partner. That's why during a first date, I make it a point to remember that my date's enjoyment doesn't rely on how expensive the food is, but on how I'll be able to give her the best time of her life."


6. Rami, 27

"I do my best to think of ways on how I can make myself funny so I can make her laugh and win her heart by simply proving that I'm a man who has her best intentions at heart. Because if I get to do that, everything would surely turn out great."


7. Christian, 22

"I secretly scrutinize her movements, gestures, language, perspectives, and mannerisms in the back of my head to know if our personalities truly match. First dates are a great way to gauge if she's really the kind of girl that you'd want to be with. As much as I want to win her heart, I do my best to remind myself to just be comfortable and act normal—not trying to always impress her—and just have fun."


8. Chrystan, 18

"We always hope that our plans won't fail during our first date because we feel like there's a big chance it'll all be over after one wrong move. Just like girls, hundreds of things run through our minds—from wishing it wouldn't turn out awkward to obsessing over our appearance and how we look like if we do this or that. I also want to make sure that she'll enjoy the place and the activities we'll be doing because, if she does, that would be the key to getting a second date.


9. Jacques, 29

"For me, the first date is the hardest and the most crucial date ever because you never know if there will be another one. That's why so many things go through my mind because I tend to worry and overthink a lot of things—from making the conversation interesting to overanalyzing what she thinks about me and and the stuff I'll do or say. However, my goal during the first date is always to get to know her more without looking like I am interrogating her."


10. Adrian, 22

"I remember convincing myself to keep my cool as I try to give her a good first impression and not screw things up. I'm a really clumsy guy, so I'm kind of worried I might do something that will make me look like a dork. I really tried my best to remind myself, 'Don't screw it up!'"


You see, guys are just as nervous and paranoid as girls are during first dates! So if you're about to go on your first date soon, keep your cool and just remember that they feel the same way! You might as well be yourself and just enjoy the moment.

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