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The Six Fix: Celebrities Who Are Just Obsessed With Their Cats Just As You Are

The Six Fix: Celebrities Who Are Just Obsessed With Their Cats Just As You Are



By Rafael Bustamante
Chalk Campus Correspondent


Despite being mischievous, cats can be the greatest cuddle-buddies and BFFs just as much as dogs are. They are also known for being self-sufficient, which makes them super low maintainance. Seriously, what's not to love? Just take it from these celebs who share our feline obsession—they can't live without their purry friends, too!


1. Coleen Garcia

We all know that real-life couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia have Sphinx cats. Why hairless felines, you may ask? It's because Billy has allergies, which makes Anya and Dimitri the perfect pets! They even added a new one to gang. Say hi to their new baby named Storm. 



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2. Jona Viray

She's a certified diva with a big heart for animals. Proof? Jona is currently taking care of 30 cats and six dogs. Now, that's what you call a true pet lover!


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3. Yeng Constantino

Named after the founder of the ancient city of Rome in Roman mythology, Remus and Romulus are Yeng and her hubby Yan's super cute Scottish Folds! Together, the four make an adorable family, don't you agree?


4. Taylor Swift

This pop songtress has a big reputation as cat lover, taking care of two furry babies named Dr. Meredith Grey (named after the character from Grey's Anatomy) and Detective Olivia Benson (named after the character from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit). Did you also know that they have their kitty nicknames? Taylor calls them Dibbles and Merbear, which we think is just too cute!


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5. Ed Sheeran

Just like his real-life BFF Taylor Swift, Ed is also a big cat-thusiast. He even has loads of cat tattoos!


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6. Norman Reedus

He's a well-known star of The Walking Dead who plays fan favorite Daryl Dixon with his iconic crossbow, but, IRL, he is a huge cat dude! Norman's cat is named Eye in the Dark, named by his then-five-year-old son Mingus who often couldn't find the black cat on the black floor and only looking for its glowing eyes as the giveaway.


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If you're also feline-obsessed like these stars, tell us the story of your pet below!


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