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The Six Fix: How To Enjoy A Healthier Relationship With Your Beau

The Six Fix: How To Enjoy A Healthier Relationship With Your Beau



By Deej Garcia
Chalk Campus Correspondent


There's no doubt about it, nothing makes us feel more alive than love does. It gives us the inspiration to go forward, motivates us to push harder, and just makes us better people. Being in love with someone is truly one of the best things in life. If you've found your better half, it's only fitting to do what it takes to keep them around. To maintain a healthy relationship, here are a few key points to remember!


1. T.L.C. Tender Loving Care with more added T.L.C.—be a Trusted Loyal Companion. Be fair. If your partner trusts you to hang out late at night with your friends, then you should do the same. Don't give each other reasons to doubt the relationship to the point that you have to check your partner's every phone conversation. Trust is easy to break and almost impossible to build again. If you love your significant other, you’re not going to do anything that would hurt their feelings and make them question your intentions.



2. Always try new things. We know that staying at home, watching Netflix, and chilling together is way more affordable than going out. However, you should also remember that even when you're already officially together, you still have to make an effort to actually date! Try new things together, discover new places, or go on food trips. Don’t bore your partner as much as you don’t want to get bored.


3. Kill those insecurities before they kill you. Insecurity is a main root of jealousy. Your partner chose you, so make sure to keep that in mind! If you think that your partner is just giving you reasons to be jealous then you need to have a serious conversation—stat.


4. It's okay to give each other space. Whether you're living together or not, it's okay not to be around each other 24/7. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the feeling of missing someone and being missed. It's also a good way for you to take time for yourself, do the things you enjoy on your own or with your friends, and just breathe. This will do wonders on your personal growth and sense of independence.


5. Surround yourself with good friends. There's no perfect relationship, so it's good to have friends who will give you sound advice and support whenever you need them. They're the best form of breathers when you feel like having a little bit of time away from your significant other and doing fun things in a different way.


6. Make your actions count. "I love you's" are vital, but don’t just say it. Act like it. There are many ways to show your lover how much they mean to you. It could be as simple as holding their hand in public or as genuine as working on your behavior whenever they call you out on something that has hurt them. Make sure that they feel that you love them not just when you say it, but especially when you actually try to make your relationship work.


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