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In Focus: What Guys Really Think About Men Who Cheat

In Focus: What Guys Really Think About Men Who Cheat


By Miko Pagaduan
Chalk Campus Correspondent

While the times may change and the labels evolve, cheating is still one of the most prevalent causes of many a relationship's demise. Though men and women both know it’s a big no-no, it still happens and results in more heartbreaks than necessary.

Here, Chalk asked boys on what they think about other fellas who cheat. What's the verdict? Let’s see their answers below!


1. Gian, 21
"Cheating is always a choice. Cheaters can never blame their partners for their actions, like some people usually do, because they are fully aware of what they are doing—trying to seek pleasure from someone else or intentionally hurting their partner."

2. Justin, 19
“All I can say to men who cheat is that they are selfish and irresponsible because they only think of themselves and not about what their partners would feel.”

3. Arjan, 20
Mali ‘yon pero minsan justifiable din. Maybe, it really gets to the point where people go through the 3Ns—nagsasawa, nanlalamig, and nasasakal—in a relationship."

4. John Paul, 20
“I'm definitely not okay with cheating. I feel like some men think that cheating helps their masculinity because, maybe, they have no idea of the true concept of being a man.”

5. Adrian, 21
“Any form of cheating is not cool at all. It is a kind of disrespect to your loved ones, to yourself, and to the relationship you have. I also believe that cheating is a choice, as I believe that not all men are the same.”

6. John Vincent, 20
“Guys won't cheat naman if the other person is giving enough time and effort for us. Maybe, isang factor du'n ay we feel that the relationship isn't working out and we're just looking for excuses to end the relationship.”

7. Roinel, 18
“Guys who cheat don’t have the dignity of a man should embody. As a lover, solemn commitment to your partner is vital in a relationship. You’re unfaithful? Well, you don’t deserve to be called a real man.”

8. Kyle, 19
“To those who cheat, just enjoy it kasi darating din 'yung time na maiisip mong magpakatino na, and I think that time will come when The One is already there.”

9. James, 19
“Well, they don't have contentment with themselves. In the first place, they should know to stand and fight for a relationship.”

10. Miguel, 19
“For me, siguro, they are losers in their own game. When you’re in a relationship, it means that you’re willing to accept the flaws of another, and your partner's flaws are not an excuse for you to cheat.”


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