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Adorable Celebrity Daughters Who Enjoy Makeup + Beauty Rules for Your Little Ones

Adorable Celebrity Daughters Who Enjoy Makeup + Beauty Rules for Your Little Ones

Jessica Alba's daughters continually steal her make-up.

The actress has freely admitted her love of cosmetics comes from her mother, who taught her never to leave the house without doing her face. While Jessica wants her little girls Honor, seven, and Haven, four, to feel completely confident in their own skin, it seems they have inherited the family trait too.

"All the time," she laughed to British magazine InStyle when asked if her kids ever steal her make-up. "Every morning they want to wear my makeup, or put mine on for me, so I let them pretend. Kids just want to be like their mom or dad, don't they? But I always tell them not to wear too much when they grow up. You don't want to look like you're wearing a mask."

Jessica has a flawless complexion, so although she likes cosmetics she doesn't need to wear that many. She enjoys switching things up with her beauty look too, which is why she has no problem with changing her hair. The star has been many different colours and recently chopped her locks off, revealing she had no choice but to go for the snip.

"It wasn't healthy, and I was getting frustrated with it. I called my hairdresser when I was getting ready for an interview and said, 'can you just cut my hair off?' And he did! I like changing it up, but I don't like to be too fussy, so whatever takes the least amount of time is my favourite. I usually go to work with my hair wet and let it dry in the car, and I eat loads of avocado and take pre-vitamins even when I'm not pregnant to keep it healthy, because the folic acid really helps," she said. © Cover Media


Beauty Rules for Your Little Girls, Inspired by Filipino Celebrity Moms and Daughters

Keep everything light and simple. A hint of blush and some gloss on the lips (just like Kendra Kramer’s) is the no-fail child-friendly makeup formula.


Beautiful lashes also does wonders. If you’re willing to take your child’s makeup experience a notch higher, applying mascara on her lashes is a good step to take (case in point: Miki Poturnak, Ina Raymundo’s daughter).


Have her wing it, when she’s old enough. A winged tip is a handy beauty skill for every girl, so when she’s old enough (like Ruffa Gutierrez’s daughter, Lorin) introduce her to this classic makeup technique.


In lieu of makeup, show your little girl the many ways she can have fun with her hair…

With a big bow accessory perhaps, like Scarlett Kramer…


A sleek clipped ‘do, like Venice Bektas…


And soft, loose waves that cascade beautifully down her shoulders, like Anika Poturnak’s.


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