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The Six Fix: Things We Can’t Wait to See In Game Of Thrones Season 7

The Six Fix: Things We Can’t Wait to See In Game Of Thrones Season 7



"When you play the game of thrones, it’s either you win or you die," Cersei Lannister once said—and with the seventh season upon us, we learned that it’s much more than just about the Iron Throne now. Characters are killed, alliances are made, treachery is high, White Walkers are on their way to invade Westeros, and no one is safe anymore, wherever they may be. The past seasons of the celebrated HBO original had been a total mind-blowing and heart-aching experience, but no matter how much of an emotional wreckage we may be after each episode, we’re all the more curious of what happens next. As the anticipation grows stronger with just a day(!!!) before the premiere, all these scenarios are already playing in our heads. Here are things we just can’t wait to see in Game of Thrones’ upcoming season!

(Proceed with caution if you have yet to see the six previous seasons. Spoilers ahead!)


1. The Stark reunion. Northerners said, “Winter is coming,” and now that it’s here, we know what’s coming next—the reunion of our favorite children of the north. Jon and Sansa are back in Winterfell, and we’re looking forward to Bran’s passage through The Wall and Arya’s return from The Twins. Oh, rumor has it that we’ll be having a glimpse of the lone, lost wolf back in season one, too. But, rest assured, the pack survives.


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2. Gendry’s comeback. We guess we’ve waited long enough for Gendry’s return in Thrones. Leaks online have revealed that he’ll be back in King’s Landing, and if a photo of him taken at Belfast isn’t enough proof, Joe Dempsie himself showing up during the Game of Thrones premiere in Los Angeles validates this. We know, at long last!


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3. Dany in Westeros. The Mother of Dragons is heading home—and ready to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Will she end up in the Iron Throne this season? Our guess: No. But we know she has a bigger role to play in all of this. We'll see!


New pic of Daenerys Targaryen from Rolling Stone.

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4. A possible Targaryen love affair. Speaking of Danaerys, another leak revealed that sparks will fly between—you guessed it—Jon and Dany (our personal OTP, honestly). Apart from these two, however, other romances we’re curious to see: Missandei and Greyworm (finally), Ellaria and Yara (the trailer excites!), and—Brienne and Jaime (sorry, we’re still hoping).


5. The Quote Showdown of the “Hands.” Don’t you just love it when, every season, Tyrion and Davos almost always have the best lines among all the characters? (Not counting Sandor Clegane’s, “I still want that chicken,” and Lyanna Mormont’s, “62”—kidding!) Okay, Davos isn’t “officially” Jon’s Hand, but considering that the Onion Knight is the King in the North’s most trusted adviser, we can count him in. Add Qyburn to the scenario, these three’s words will surely be in numerous statuses and tweets in the coming weeks. Davos is on the lead with, “If we don't put aside our enmities and bound together, we will die. And then it doesn't matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.” *applause*


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6. The Great War. Oh, no, we’re not just talking about the enemies to the east, enemies to the west, enemies to the south, and enemies to the north. We’re also talking about the great war beyond the wall. And we can’t even begin to explain our feels.


6 weeks away. #PrepareForWinter & relive all 6 seasons of #GameofThrones before the Season 7 premiere. (LINK IN BIO)

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BONUS: Who dies and who survives? The White Walkers will live on until the final season, for sure. But if there’s any death we’re so looking forward to, it’s Littlefinger’s. And we pray that everyone else survives! *mopes in the corner and cries because reality check: It’s Game of Thrones*


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