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The Six Fix: These Tips From Solenn, Nico, Mond, and Wil Are All You Need To Get Fit

The Six Fix: These Tips From Solenn, Nico, Mond, and Wil Are All You Need To Get Fit



Correct us if we're wrong, but here's our rough recap of every millennial's everyday routine: you wake up just in the nick of time for school or work, throw that “I’ll run for 10 minutes this morning!” promise out the window, get busy throughout the day, binge-eat, go home, catch up on your favorite series, sleep, and then repeat. It seems like there’s no time to spare for that thing called fitness because, to be honest, how can you even start when life basically takes over?

You want some solid answers? Well, we got to catch up with Philam Life’s newest #LiveBetter ambassadors and legit #Fitspirations Solenn Heusaff, Nico Bolzico, Mond Gutierrez, and Wil Dasovich who generously gave their get-fit tips for crazy-busy millennials like us.

Ready to take that first step to your dream body? Read on!


1. Go for a workout that you enjoy. For Mond, it’s about choosing a routine that you can have fun with while sweating it out. “I hate long-distance running, so what my trainer decided for me was to do sprints since I really enjoy it. This is so easy because you can just go outside, run with your friends, and make it fun,” he shares. So whether it’s dancing or cycling, boxing, basketball, or whatever you look forward to doing again and again, go for it!


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2. Make time for simple workouts wherever you may be. Get creative! Here’s what Wil does: At home, he does yoga. When he’s out traveling, he’d run on the beach. It doesn’t matter how long you do it, as long as you keep yourself moving, you'll be on the right track. For Solenn, even a 15-minute walk every day can go a long way to achieve your fitness goals.


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3. Hydrate! “My number one tip is to drink lots of water,” says Nico. Basically, drink whenever you can. Begin your day with a glass or two to start up your metabolism. Take a sip when you feel hot or when you’re thirsty throughout the day, and end with a big gulp before going to bed.


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4. Keep a positive mindset. “I think I’ve come to the understanding that being physically healthy keeps me mentally healthy, confident, and energetic,” Wil claims. Always keep in mind these effects, and be in tune with how you feel when you work out. Nico adds, “It’s a snowball effect. Stop thinking it’s not fun. You can train and discipline your mind.”


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5. Do it now. It’s easy to let laziness take over, and the inevitable, “I’ll just start tomorrow,” will become a daily, repetitive excuse you’ll keep on telling yourself. But the thing is, you will never start until you actually start. “If you want to start, start today,” advises Solenn. There’s no time to waste!


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6. Be consistent. All four of them agree that consistency is key. Do it everyday and make it a priority. After all, your health is your wealth, so start enriching it and never stop.


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Who better to school us on fitness than Manila's most enviable bodies? Not only do they prove that it's not just about looking good, it's definitely about living a better life! #LiveBetter


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