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In Focus: This Millennial Shares Tips On How You Can Turn Your Passion Into A Career

In Focus: This Millennial Shares Tips On How You Can Turn Your Passion Into A Career



"Following your passion" is the dream of most millennials nowadays, but have you ever wondered what's it really like to turn your favorite hobby into a full-time career? Is it worth taking the risk and giving up the security of a 9 to 5 job? 

Good thing Alexis Ventura, the talented millennial behind the Craft Central and Ink Scribbler, willingly shared her experience about how she turned her passion and love for the arts into a full-time career and provided some tips for other millennials who aspire to do the same!


Take the risk, no matter how big or small. "The  goal is to really just start it. It could be, like for the Craft Central, we started with a few inks and a few folders lang du'n sa likod ng workshop table namin. Then, from an online store, we realized that we had the potential to make it big. So we won't have that, if we didn't just start. Just start with whatever you have, even if it's just a sideline." 


Bloom where you are planted. "Make the most out of your situation. For example, when I was working in corporate, I tried to learn as much as possible—how to run a store, how to throw PR parties, how marketing works 'in real life' while applying the lessons I've learned in school. Make the most out of your situation, whatever it is. Whether you're doing it full-time or just part-time."


Don't be afraid to share your passion. "This would be useful, especially if you want to be an artist. Because, sometimes, it's embrassing to share what you've made 'cause you think it might not be the best or it would be compared to others. But if you really wanna push yourself, then you have to share it and you shouldn't be shy to market yourself and your craft."


Pursue your passion responsibly. "A lot of people say, 'pursue your passion' or others would quit work and jump in between jobs, but I think it's very important that we pursue passion responsibly. Have a plan, know what you're gonna do next, get the blessing of your parents, and do something that you're good at. Don't just do it because you want it 'cause you have to think of the future, not just what you want at the moment."


Pray for direction. "When I was in corporate, I prayed for like six months before I quit my job to pursue my passion full-time. Back then, it didn't make a lot of sense kasi wala naman talagang 'full-time calligrapher' and hobby ko lang 'to, eh. For me, my passion was to create unique jobs and I knew the first step for me was to create a job for myself and, eventually, create jobs by building a company and offering the same opportunities for them. The whole thing made sense when I really prayed about it. It was very clear to me na whether I succeed or not, this is what I really wanna do. So prayer is very crucial in every major decision." 


Are you a millennial who longs to turn your passion into a career just like Alexis? Whatever your endeavor might be, we hope that these pieces of advice will empower and guide you along your journey! Best of luck!


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